Design your own Solar: Sunworks reports strong interest in new concept


The solar industry, in its very essence, benefits from pioneering spirit. Sunworks’ new Solar Design Center in California represents just that, as a cutting-edge facility that gives consumers a taste of its solar products, before letting them design their very own array.

The modern facility, in sun-drenched Rocklin, California, was opened as a way of marketing Sunworks’ products, but also to show the great potential for the different ways in which consumers can engage in the industry. It firstly gives customers the opportunity to learn about solar PV, and the benefits that it can provide, and then it lets them get to work designing their own system, before leaving with a quote.

“As the industry matures and solar becomes more mainstream, it’s important that consumers get the best products, and the best value available,” said Jim Nelson, CEO. “We believe our Design Center will allow us to educate consumers in a relaxed, no pressure environment and provide us an opportunity to showcase the unique and customized solutions Sunworks can offer.”

Although the Center only deals with small-scale PV projects, it generated a lot of interest from the surrounding community, and finished its first week of business with $250,000 in gross sales. Sunworks says that it expects to generate nearly $5 million in annual sales from its Residential Solar Division alone.

It comes at a time when the aesthetics of solar arrays are now themselves being harnessed as visual assets. This is particularly evident from the U.K.’s Solar Trade Association’s new Stunning Solar campaign. The campaign aims to show customers how aesthetically pleasing PV installations can be.

It compiled a selection of the most attractive solar installations in the U.K. to show that as well as being financially and environmentally beneficial, the solar arrays can also be visual assets, which add value to your property.