First solar-powered bus shelter opened in London


Londoners are now one step closer to their zero-carbon renewable future, where they will wait for their solar-powered buses in solar-powered bus shelters.

In April, a U.K.-based PV technology developer Polysolar cut ribbon on the country’s first energy generating bus stop. The construction is equipped with Polysolar’s transparent solar-PV glazing, which is said to capture the sun’s rays even in low light.

The 2.8 kW solar bus shelter in Canary Wharf is expected to generate up to 2,000 kW/h of renewable electricity per year, which is enough to power an average London home. The energy will be used to run smart signs and infrastructure on the estate, the company says.

“The solar bus shelter provides not just demonstration of the functionality, performance and aesthetics of our PV glass but represents an important application innovation,” said Founder and CEO of Polysolar Hamish Watson. “Using our solar PV glazing across London’s transport sector, in things like bus shelters, EV charging canopies, walkways and bike parks, could have a significant impact on the city’s emissions, without compromising its environment, architecture or budgets.”

The project has been commissioned by Canary Wharf Group and fabricated by hard landscaping and street furniture supplier Marshalls. As estimated, it will save one ton of carbon emissions annually.