RENA reports large orders for PERC technology from USA and India


German PV technology developer RENA will deliver its production equipment for PERC solar cells to customers in the USA and India. The company reports that it has recently received two large orders in a double-digit million Euro range.

The company claims that the combination of its BatchTex and InOxSide+ tools enables both independent optimization and good match of front and rear sides for best PERC cells efficiencies.

RENA’s BatchTex tools are said to interconnect ultra-compact tool design with high throughput of up to 6000 wafers per hour. The machine has short process time, with standard alkaline texturing time below 12 min.

The company says that with its BatchTex cleaning technology customers can run texture processes with well-defined pyramid sizes (1 to 3 ?m or 2 to 5 ?m) and highest uniformities. And by combining this tool with the InOxSide+ wet chemical tool, they can achieve homogeneous backside smoothening.

InOxSide+ offers a single side etching process, hardware adaptations and improved process control. It can moderate etch depths of ? 4 ?m.

This year, RENA participated in pv magazine’s Technology highlights award. Read the May print edition of the magazine to find out where the company’s PERC tools stand between the newest PV manufacturing technologies.