Australia: nearly half of PV installers offer storage, mostly sell commercial systems


German EuPD Research has issued "Australian PV InstallerMonitor 2015/2016" based on a survey among the Australian solar market players. According to the study, the companies today are very interested in growing their energy storage business segment.

41% of participants already offer storage solutions to their customers; other 26% are planning to include energy storage in their portfolio this year. The remaining companies say that they are not entering the storage market yet, due to financial reasons, such as high prices and low margins.

The survey also demonstrates that the commercial segment of the Australian PV storage market is currently growing much faster than the residential segment. More than half of the installers, who already have storage on the products list, say that they primarily install systems of 12kWh and more. Only a small number of Australian PV installers report sales of residential batteries.

Also, nearly all of the companies (96%) active in the storage market say that their customers mostly purchase storage products in combination with a new PV system. The survey shows that Australian renewable energy consumers, who already have their own PV installed, have almost no motivation for adding storage products to the system.

In order to change it, the Australian Green party has proposed a subsidy scheme, which would provide a refundable tax credit of up to AU$5,000 (US$3,690) for households installing a battery system.