Brazil: Huawei will sign a MOU with Steelcons at Intersolar South America


The Chinese manufacturer announced that it will take the opportunity at Intersolar South America, which starts on Tuesday, to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Brazilian contractor Steelcons.

The Brazilian company, based in Sao Paulo, was awarded three PV projects, each with 30 MW capacities, during the energy tender in November 2015. These plants should be completed and feeding energy into the grid by the end of 2018.

According to Huawei’s press release, the deal would be for the FusionSolar concept that was developed by the Chinese company. The concept will be presented at Intersolar South America and proposes a comprehensive solution for solar installation end customers. The solution that Huawei wants to enter into the Brazilian market combines PV technology with digital information and the Internet. It deals with the entire process, right from the construction of the solar plant, integrating digital technology and communication via the internet, to optimize investment and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Fusions Solar incorporates information from each string and allows users to remotely control the operation of all of the components of the solar operation.

The Hisilicon chip, with integrated electronics, is the "brain" of the solar system, helping it to constantly function at maximum efficiency. The solution is designed for both large solar power plants and for distributed solar projects.

Further details about Huawei’s FusionSolar solution will be given by the director of Huawei Latin America’s PV Smart division at the Brazil-China International Forum 2016. At the event held at Intersolar South America, Leslie Tan will present not only the benefits of the solution, but also the link between PV, informational technology and communications for achieving better energy connection globally.

This article was translated by Sam Pothecary. To see the original on pv magazine Latin America, please click here.