ARENA funding for Canadian Solar


The two projects, located in Longreach and Oakey, are 17 MWp and 30 MWp respectively. Construction is expected to begin at both sites in early 2017, and both are expected to be commercially operational by January 2018 or earlier.

The Oakey and Longreach plants are being funded as part of ARENA’s AU$100 million pledge to solar PV projects, with a further 10 large scale projects expected to receive some form of funding in the coming months. Canadian Solar were awarded the funding after a competitive bidding process earlier in September.

“We are pleased and proud to secure the funding from ARENA to support our solar project business in Australia, where we see the market growing steadily.” Stated Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. “With our strong development and execution capabilities, alongside support from the local government, we will continue to expand our solar project pipeline in Australia.” He continued.

The 17MWp Longreach plant will comprise 54,600 of Canadian Solar’s 1500V MaxPower2 CS6U-320 polycrystalline modules, expected to output 39 GWh in the first year of operation. The larger project at Oakey features 93,600 of the same modules, which should produce close to 60GWh over the first year.