APS, pro-solar group together spend $6 million on Arizona Corporation Commission races


The Arizona Corporation Commission has long been one of the most important state regulatory bodies in the nation for the solar industry. It also has one of the most questionable histories, with “dark money” scandals in the 2014 commission races, FBI investigations, and commissioners resigning due to conflicts of interest.

On Tuesday Arizona voters will choose candidates for three of the five seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, in races that have attracted a total of $6 million in spending from solar advocates, the utilities which commissioners are supposed to regulate, and other groups.

The largest single amount of spending is the $3.5 million that Pinnacle West, the parent company of utility Arizona Public Service (APS), is spending through the AZ Coalition for Reliable Electricity. This is in excess even of the $3.2 million that APS is believed to have contributed to candidates in the 2014 election through “dark money” groups…

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