Amsterdam ArenA to receive 4 MWH storage system built with repurposed EV batteries


The world-famous Amsterdam ArenA – home to Dutch soccer team Ajax Amsterdam – has signed groundbreaking 10-year deal for a large battery storage system that will provide back-up power during major events, grid stabilization services and on-demand power during busy periods.

The 4 MWH system will be built using 280 repurposed Nissan LEAF batteries, making it the world’s largest commercial storage system comprised of second-life batteries.

The Mobility House, a German storage specialist, is leading the project in conjunction with power management company Eaton and Japanese car firm Nissan. The xStorage Buildings system will be able to draw energy from the grid whenever required, and can store and distribute power as needed.

Currently, the stadium has diesel generators as back-up, and the battery system will eventually replace this polluting source of energy. Buildings in the surrounding neighborhood will also be able to draw on the system, which will be managed by The Mobility House to ensure it performs all manner of energy services, including strengthening local grid stability.

"Nissan is proud to be using its expertise to transform the energy management systems of commercial premises," said Nissan Europe chairman Paul Willcox.

"This announcement is a world first and has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry. Since we announced xStorage back in May we’ve seen overwhelming interest from consumers and businesses alike.

"Not only will xStorage Buildings provide vital back-up power to the ArenA but it will also help to stabilize the national grid in the Netherlands at times of high-energy demand. This is the first of many exciting commercial announcements to come from Nissan in this rapidly developing market."

Amsterdam ArenA CEO Henk Markerink added: "We’re talking about a huge advantage in sustainability. Soon we will be able to store generated energy from our solar panels and windmills and put it to use when we need it. A great innovation – in the future, the Amsterdam ArenA will be the first stadium in the world that won’t be using fossil fuels anymore."

Nissan and Eaton has also made available its xStorage Home battery system to consumers in the U.K., Norway and Germany.