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Both pv magazine and energía hoy are excited by the potential solar PV offers to Mexico: it receives twice as much solar radiation as Germany, where the daily average is 5.5 kWh/m2. And with its ongoing historic energy sector reform, it is building an open and dependable framework for both Mexican and foreign players to participate in this market.

Indeed, the possibilities are vast: at the end of June 2017, Mexico’s total installed solar PV power amounted to just 460.86 MW, or 0.62% of the country’s total installed power generation capacity of 74,046 MW, according to the latest statistics from Sener, the country’s Department of Energy, published this January. That is less than a third of the solar PV capacity Germany installed in 2017 – 1.75 GW – and is still small compared to the years when Germany was the world’s leading PV market.

According to a roadmap for solar development, published by the Mexican government at the end of last year, 22 GW of cumulative PV capacity has been set as the country’s target for 2030. Of these 22 GW, 9 GW will comprise large-scale installations, while the balance – 13 GW – will account for distributed generation systems.

Key driver

Santiago Barcon, publisher of energía hoy, sees Mexico’s long-term auctions as the key driver to boosting PV adoption in the short- to medium-term. “The first three clean energy auctions have been very successful, especially for solar PV. To watch the average price come down to US$ 20.57 per MWh from US$ 41.8 and $ 33.47 in the first two auctions has been an eye-opener for market participants inside and outside Mexico,” he says.

“With an average price of US$ 20.57/MWh in the last auction in November 2017, Mexico put itself in the leading position when it comes to offering the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of solar PV,” adds Eckhart Gouras, publisher of pv magazine.

He continues, “As the International Renewable Energy Agency has pointed out in its recent report, ‘Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017’, the reduction in levelized costs of electricity (LCOEs) for large-scale solar PV since 2010 has been ‘remarkable.’ The global weighted average LCOE of utility-scale solar PV has fallen 73% since 2010.”

Hannover Messe

The new pv magazine Mexico platform has been launched at the Hannover Messe 2018, taking place in Hannover, Germany, this April 23 to 27.

As Eckhart Gouras explains, it was the obvious choice, given that Mexico is the partner country of this year’s event. It is also the first Latin American, and Spanish-speaking, nation to ever partner with Hannover Messe.

“Currently, almost 80 percent of Mexico’s foreign trade is with countries in the North American economic zone. Mexico is currently also seeking to negotiate a new, reformed free trade agreement with the European Union aimed at expanding trans-Atlantic trade and investment,” says the Hannover Messe on why it chose Mexico as this year’s partner.

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Energía hoy is a leading publication in the Mexican energy market which has, until recently, been dominated by conventional energy from fossil fuel sources.

pv magazine group is one of the leading trade media platforms covering the international solar PV industry, including all steps in the solar PV value chain from polysilicon production to the installation of residential, commercial, utility-scale and off-grid solar PV systems.

Flagship publication, monthly trade magazine, pv magazine, was established in 2008. In addition to the global platform, pv magazine publishes regional publications and websites, in Germany, the U.S., Australia, Latin America, India, Japan and China.

In joining forces to establish a pv magazine Mexico trade platform, the partners can both tap into pv magazine’s expertise and network in the global PV industry; and benefit from energía hoy’s deep understanding of the Mexican energy market and the authorities and private sector participants that are shaping the future of this market.

As Santiago Barcon says, “It is a win-win for us and for our friends at pv magazine. We can tap into their international PV expertise and their relationships with key suppliers in this industry. And on our end we offer access to key players in Mexico and an understanding how this historic energy reform will impact what happens here on the ground in Mexico.”

Local, in-depth and unique

Readers of pv magazine Mexico can look forward to local, in-depth, analytic and unique news content, focused on all aspects of the Mexican solar PV industry.

Both down- and up-stream projects and developments will be reported on, in addition to Mexico’s ongoing historic energy reform and the impact it will have on solar PV and storage, policy, and legal and regulatory developments. Regular interviews and opinion and analysis articles from local players will also be featured.

We hope you enjoy our new Mexican platform! Please send any feedback or comments to editor in chief, Jorge Zarco.

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