A car park PV folding roof to recharge electric vehicles


From pv magazine Germany.

The first Horizon solar folding roof product made by DHP Technology has been installed over a parking area in Switzerland.

The 420 kW generation capacity, 4,000 square meter roof covers 152 parking bays at the Jakobsbad-Kronberg cable car in Appenzellerland, in DHP’s home market. The roof required 13 months to install, following 2.5 years in the planning system.

The roof generates power for on-site consumption, including for electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

The solar power generated is used to charge electric vehicles.
Image: SAK

The folding PV roof was manufactured at DHP Technology headquarters in Zizers. A highly automated process assembles the roofs, a company spokesman told pv magazine. The PV system features mono and polycrystalline solar cells and glass-free laminate tech. “The folding sunroof is lightweight because we use glass-free solar module technology,” said the DHP representative. “The installation is simple and is based on the plug-and-play approach.”

The spokesman indicated a product cost of around €2,400 per kilowatt installed, adding up to a little over €1 million for the Jakobsbad-Kronberg system. Aimed chiefly at car parks, where it can add generation capacity in built-up areas, the roof could also be installed in locations such as wastewater treatment plants and logistics bases.