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EPFL unveils perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell with certified efficiency of 30.9%

The tandem solar cell is based on a perovskite top cell treated with an additive known as 2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorobenzylphosphonic acid (pFBPA), which reportedly improves its power conversion efficiency and fill factor. The tandem device also integrates a bottom heterojunction silicon cell made with a 190-μm-thick, 2 Ω.cm, n-type, float-zone, shiny-etched monocrystalline wafer.


ETH Zurich unveils new tech to produce heat with solar

Swiss researchers have engineered a device that uses solar energy to heat to more than 1,000 C. The technology could make it possible to use solar energy to decarbonize energy-intensive industries that require high temperatures for production processes.


Techno-economic feasibility of hydrogen storage in hydro-dominated countries

Scientists have investigated different techno-economic scenarios for using hydrogen storage in combination with hydropower and pumped hydro storage in Switzerland. They have found that hydrogen storage plays no major role under most conditions.

EPFL unveils perovskite solar module with record-breaking efficiency of 23.3%

The solar modules are based on the record-breaking 25.32%-efficient 2D/3D perovskite solar cells that the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne unveiled in July 2023. The panel has an aperture area of 27.22 cm2, and were encapsulated by glass-glass encapsulation technology combined with an edge seal of the module under UV light illumination. 


Switzerland records 600 MW of subsidized PV projects in Q1

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy says the number of PV installations registered for subsidies with Pronovo, a Swiss government agency, rose 81% year on year in the first three months of 2024.


The Hydrogen Stream: Norway to make world’s biggest hydrogen ships

Norwegian Ship Design Co. has agreed to help build what it claims will be the two largest hydrogen ships in the world, while Norwegian Hydrogen has announced plans to team up with Australia’s Provaris Energy on hydrogen export opportunities.


The Hydrogen Stream: 1.2 TW of electrolyzers globally in development

Aurora Energy Research says it has recorded a sharp increase in green hydrogen projects, with 90% of them in early phases of development, while E.ON says that Germany’s hydrogen ramp-up is stuck due to an investment backlog.


Swiss canton to cover road with 14 MW of solar

The Swiss canton of Fribourg says it plans to cover a roadway with 14 MW of solar panels. The authorities are now conducting an in-depth feasibility study, to be followed by a financial plan for the project.


ABB Motion launches new solar drive for water pumping

ABB Motion has unveiled a new solar drive for water pumping, featuring integrated maximum power point tracking (MPPT) logic to maximize operations, with an input voltage ranging from 225 V to 800 V.

Dracula Technologies, STMicroelectronics unveil photovoltaic illuminometer

France’s indoor organic PV specialist Dracula Technologies and Swiss-headquartered semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics demonstrated a battery-free illuminometer at the Embedded World trade fair in Germany last week.


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