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Switzerland introduces auction scheme for solar over 150 kW

The Swiss authorities plan to hold auctions for PV systems to be deployed on hangars and barns. The new scheme is part of a package of new incentives for PV in the country.


Axpo deploys PV system in sun-tracking satellite dish

Swiss utility Axpo has built a PV system inside the dish of a disused satellite run by data-center operator Leuk TDC. Satellite dishes can be used to produce solar power, as they can be flexibly aligned to the sun.

The Hydrogen Stream: GKN Aerospace delivers ground-based liquid hydrogen fuel system demonstrator

GKN Aerospace has demonstrated the feasibility of using a liquid hydrogen fuel source to increase the endurance of uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) for search and rescue. Germany, meanwhile, has announced €550 million ($572 million) of fresh funding for hydrogen projects across the world.

Stäubli launches dual-rated, 1,500 V branch connector for solar

Stäubli, a Swiss electrical connector manufacturer, has unveiled a new branch connector with both UL and IEC certification.


EPFL sets new efficiency record for dye-sensitized solar cells

Scientists at EPFL in Switzerland have achieved a new efficiency record for dye-sensitized solar cells. The group reported 15% efficiency in direct sunlight, and up to 30% under ambient light conditions. Their key achievement was the development of a new combination of photosensitizer materials that can absorb the entire light spectrum.

Alpine vs. urban solar

A group of Swiss researchers has shown that optimized alpine PV installations could offer revenues that are on average 20% higher than those of standard, urban, installations. Furthermore, they found that the Swiss Alps have the potential to host about 1 GW of solar capacity offering revenues 33% higher.

Flexible all-perovskite tandem solar cell with 23.8% efficiency, improved voltage

A Chinese-Swiss research group claims to have overcome two major challenges for the development of flexible all-perovskite tandem solar cells – voltage losses and the deposition process for the cell’s functional layers. They built a device with a high open-circuit voltage of 2.1 V.


Meyer Burger secures $255.2 million to scale up production capacity to 3 GW

Swiss PV manufacturer Meyer Burger says it wants to rapidly expand its production of heterojunction solar cells and modules, following its recent supply agreement with US project developer DESRI.


Saint-Gobain acquires stakes in Swiss BIPV manufacturer Megasol

Saint-Gobain has acquired a minority stake in Megasol, a Swiss manufacturer of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules.

Swiss grid operators to raise surplus solar tariffs by average of 55% in 2023

Switzerland’s grid rates for surplus solar power will increase from an average of CHF 0.101 ($0.10)/kWh to CHF 0.155/kWh in the year ahead, mainly due to rising electricity prices.