Seraphim releases PV module series with 595/670W of output, up to 21.57% efficiency


Seraphim Energy Group, a Chinese PV module manufacturer, has unveiled a new solar modules series with power outputs of up to 670W, with module efficiencies as high as 21.57%.

“The S5 series modules, integrating 210 mm large-size silicon wafers with multi-busbar, half-cell, dual-glass technologies, can achieve stronger performance and reliability. Specifically, the new product, by introducing the multi-busbar (12BB) technology with 210 mm large silicon wafers, increases the light-receiving area, while ensuring the cell efficiency,” the company said in a statement. “Compared with the normal 2 mm cell spacing technology, the new product adopts 0.8 mm high-density encapsulation technology to significantly enhance power density of the modules, and ensure the product quality.”

The half-cut mono PERC panels are available in both monofacial and bifacial variants. The two products are also sold in two different versions –  595W and 610W offerings, as well as 655W and 670W devices.

The bifacial 595W and 610W modules measure 2,172 mm x 1,303 mm x 35 mm and weigh 35 kg. They offer power conversion efficiencies ranging from 21.02% to 21.55%, have an open-circuit voltage of 41.3V to 41.9V, and a short-circuit current of 18.49A to 18.64A. The are fabricated with a 2 mm semi-tempered glass, an anti-reflecting coating, and a frame made of anodized aluminum alloy. The modules can operate with a system voltage of 1,500V and in temperatures ranging between -40 C and 85 C. They have a temperature coefficient of -0.34% per degree Celsius.

The other bifacial 655W and 670W modules measure 2,384 mm x 1,303 x 35 mm and weigh in at 38.5 kg. Their front side power conversion efficiency is between 21.09% and 21.57%. The open-circuit voltage spans from 43.7V to 44.3V and the short-circuit current from 19.09A to 19.24A. The other specifications are the same as those of the 595W and 610W product.

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The entire modules series comes with a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year power output guarantee. According to the manufacturer, power outputs can still reach 87.2% of their original performance after 25 years and 84.9% after 30 years.

“Innovation has always been Seraphim’s mission, to be an industry leader from when the company was first established,” said Seraphim President Polaris Li. “For years, the company has invested a great amount of effort in R&D and has accumulated a rich and unique experience in the research and development of the expertise and technology of highly-efficient modules.”

Seraphim currently has around 5 GW of module production capacity. It is primarily located in China, but the company has also built significant cell and module capacity in South Africa. In December 2020, it announced a plan to invest in 750 MW of new module production capacity in Vietnam. It has said that it aims to enhance the resilience of Southeast Asia's regional supply chain and its own ability to supply modules throughout the world.

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