Novel photovoltaic water pump from Spain


Spanish startup Acrosun recently unveiled a new solar water pumping system based on maximum power point tracker (MPPT) technology. The Benelus water pump can work for direct irrigation and with a water tank.

“With the tank filling control, we achieve maximum efficiency, as we can fill it during solar radiation hours, regardless of the flow rate and the power of the system,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine. “Power electronics and the motor were embedded in the pump casing in order to make its installation easier.”

The special “StopFlow” function means the pump can stop working before the well runs dry. The manufacturer claims this helps to preserve the well and the pump itself. The system can operate in DC and AC mode and is available in three different versions.

“The three solutions are applicable to a wide range of installations,” the spokesperson said. “Our concept requires a lower number of pumping units and enables considerable savings.”

The Belenus 3H.140MW-10 weighs 17.5 kg and measures 110 cm. It can be placed at a depth of up to 150 meters and features IP69 protection. Its rated power is 3 kW and the operating DC voltage is between 60 V and 380 V. It can achieve a current of up to 10 A and its motor can reach 3,600 revolutions per minute (rpm).

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The Belenus 2.5H.70M-16 has a power capacity of 2.8 kW and can achieve a current of up to 10 A, with the DC voltage range spanning from 60 V to 380 V. It weighs 16 kg and measures 96 cm.

The Belenus 2H.90M-10 pump shares the same characteristics as the other two devices. It weighs 16.5 kg, measures 100 cm, and has a capacity of 2.4 kW.

The Seville-based company is mostly selling its devices in Spain. However, it recently expanded its sales activities in Latin America and other international markets.

“Our solar pumps costs between €850 ($890) and €950 and are among the most competitive in the market,” the spokesperson said.

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