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Bifacial agrivoltaics for olive groves

A Spanish-Italian research team has investigated different system configurations for bifacial agrivoltaic solar arrays deployed in olive groves and has found that the solar modules’ tilt angle has a significant impact on power yield while their height plays a crucial role on increasing agricultural yield.


The Hydrogen Stream: Wood Mackenzie calls for focus on life-cycle emissions

Wood Mackenzie has urged policymakers and companies to focus on the full life-cycle emissions of hydrogen, while a European Commission has revealed that a European business mission will visit Mauritania in March to explore hydrogen investment opportunities.


Offshore floating PV system based on dual-axis tracker, tension leg platform

Developed by scientists in Spain, the HelioSea system is reportedly able to ensure structural reliability in challenging marine environments. The research group proposed to use tension leg platforms that have been successfully applied to offshore drilling platforms, where stability is also paramount.


The Hydrogen Stream: Japan expands ties with Germany, South Africa

The Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (Jogmec) and Germany’s H2Global Foundation have agreed to cooperate on clean hydrogen, while officials from Japan and South Africa met this week to discuss hydrogen collaboration opportunities.


Hive Energy to build PV-driven hydrogen hub in Spain

Hive Energy is in the process of securing approval to deploy 800 MW of electrolysis capacity and 1.1 GW of PV in Spain’s Albacete province, as part of a broader plan to install 9 GW of wind and solar power, along with 4 GW of electrolyzers by 2030.


New approach to integrate PV-powered heat pumps into greenhouses

Scientists have proposed to use PV energy and heat pump-driven HVAC system in greenhouses conceived to grow tomatoes in the Mediterranean area. The system was found to have a payback time of only 2.9 years in southern Spain.

Spain’s Genera trade show breaks new records

Spain’s largest renewable energy event saw the participation of the country’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, and underscored the excellent state of health of the Spanish PV sector in all its segments.


The Hydrogen Stream: Zaha Hadid designs marina refueling stations

Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled the world’s first green hydrogen refueling network for recreational boats at marinas in Italy, while a German-Czech consortium has announced the development of a drivable hydrogen motorcycle.


Renewables for cultural recovery in rural communities

Spanish startup On Social 2 has proposed the creation of long-term, energy-adjacent jobs based on cultural recovery through compensatory measures in rural communities.


Ingeteam releases new inverters for residential, C&I applications

Spain’s Ingeteam has released four new three-phase hybrid inverter models in 10 kW, 15 kW, 20 kW and 30 kW variants. All of them have two photovoltaic maximum power point trackers (MPPTs).