Moixa to build virtual power plant as first phase of UK smart energy project

The storage supplier will set up a mixed-asset virtual power plant that will initially aggregate up to 2 MW of capacity as the first phase of a planned smart local energy system in southern England. Moixa aims to eventually scale the VPP up to 17 MW.

Battery group unveils online map of global storage installations

The Consortium for Battery Innovation has produced an interactive, online map highlighting the location of lead-battery storage installations worldwide.

Spain’s new rules for self-consumption come into force

The provisions allow self-consumption for communities and industrial areas; reduce administrative procedures – especially for small self-consumers; and establish a simplified mechanism for the compensation of self-produced excess energy.

Using conventional modules at 40 degrees below zero

A 65 kW installation relying on 250 monocrystalline panels of 250 W each is providing energy at the Zucchelli Station, Italy’s permanent Antarctic base on Terra Nova Bay.

New billing method and PV+storage for allday energy supply on Philippine island

No more than four hours per day, did the 160 households enjoy energy supply. This has had negative impacts on the economic development of the islands. With support from the ADB, the island inhabitants now have 24h supply of clean energy, and new billing methods that suit the economic realities of poorer households.

Global surge to offset potential solar slowdown in China — IHS Markit

The global PV market will probably grow by as much as 25% in 2019, after sagging to a double-digit rate of expansion last year, with annual capacity additions likely to hit 129 GW, IHS Markit says in a new report.

Will India’s RE push kill the critically endangered great Indian bustard?

Amid the hubbub surrounding India’s renewable energy ambitions, few people have likely heard the last wails of a critically endangered great Indian bustard as it chars to death on a power transmission line or fatally collides with a wind turbine.

OPG finishes 44 MW of solar in Ontario

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has completed the Nanticoke solar project on schedule and according to budget. The array has been built at the former Nanticoke Generating Station site, on the shores of Lake Erie near the town of Port Dover.

Gridserve to build PV-powered, battery-backed EV charging stations

Gridserve has revealed plans to install more than 100 electric-vehicle charging stations throughout the U.K. It will start building the first of these facilities later this year, backed by a £1 billion ($1.7 billion) investment.

Australian government unveils $35.7m pot to power remote communities

Australia’s Coalition government has announced funding to support up to 50 off-grid and fringe-of-grid feasibility studies that will investigate whether building a microgrid is cost-effective and whether existing off-grid capabilities can be upgraded with more up-to-date technology.

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