Indian government approves $6.48bn for rooftop and farmland solar

As national elections approach, prime minister Narendra Modi has signed off a huge check to finance national programs to subsidize household and community PV and to drive solar pump deployment in the nation’s fields.

China stirs the PV world – by preparing to shift to auction mechanism

Projects not encompassed by the new, central-subsidy-free, ‘grid-parity’ regime will be eligible to bid for a government subsidy. But, at a reported $446 million, the pot is not very big.

The Windy – or maybe that should be nuclear – City will go 100% renewable

Chicago may be the largest city in the U.S. to commit to 100% renewable energy and has set a 2035 target date. The famous city’s long association with nuclear power says a lot about the future of clean energy Statesside.


Chinese city wants 700 MW of new solar within two years

The capital city of pollution-blighted Zhejiang province has announced an ambitious clean air policy in the wake of Beijing’s call for local governments, big lenders and power companies to pull out the stops to restart the solar revolution.

Storage Highlights Countdown #10; Proton Motor hydrogen electrolyzer for full self-sufficiency

The Energy Storage Europe conference and trade show is nearing and pv magazine is featuring the top ten developments in the field as our Energy Storage Highlights, selected by an independent jury of experts. We kick off with Proton Motor’s contribution to a Swiss project that enables apartment tenants to live without a gas or electricity grid connection.

Vietnam mulls multi-layered FIT scheme as it kicks energy transition into gear

With its feed-in tariff set to expire at the end of June, Vietnam is considering different levels of payment, classified across three irradiation regions and involving four solar technologies. Future payments would range from $0.0659-0.0985/kWh, with the cloudy north in line for the highest tariffs and with the government likely to revise tariffs for new projects every two years.

EDF helps Londoners share solar power using blockchain

The CommUNITY project is being realized outside the U.K. regulatory framework, which does not permit power trading between electricity customers.


Dutch researchers propose new approach to measure solar potential of urban areas

The system is said to have a maximum estimation error of less than 10% and to reduce the computational requirements for calculating the output of PV systems in complex environments. The approach is based on the correlation between a skyline profile and the annual irradiation received at a particular spot.

Indian state of Tamil Nadu floats new solar policy to generate 9 GW by 2022

The state government has unveiled its new solar energy policy. The ambition would encompass projects, programs and installations relating to solar PV and thermal energy, and is aimed at utilities as well as energy consumers.

Solar rail and roads in the UK to get financial shot in the arm

The Department for Transport has announced funding for research projects which could help decarbonize Britain’s railways and generate power from roads and footpaths. Previously explored with limited success, it is hoped the research will push the frontiers of the field and give a fresh impetus to Britain’s ailing solar sector.


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