New micro-inverter series from China


Chinese inverter manufacturer Zhejiang Beny Electric Co., Ltd. has recently launched a micro-inverter series for residential and commercial PV systems.

The micro-inverters are available in three different versions with a rated power output of 550 volt-amperes (VA), 700 VA, and 2,800 VA. “The first two products can be connected to a single panel, while the largest micro-inverter can be connected to four panels,” a spokesperson from the company told pv magazine. “Our microinverters have the ability to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT) at the module level, which allows the overall output power to be maximized by optimizing the output power of each module.”

The smallest device is called BYM550 and is able to work with a solar module power range of 400 W to 670 W. It features an efficiency of 97.5% and a European efficiency of 97%. It measures 210 mm x 230 mm x 34 mm and weighs 2.38 kg. It allows the connection of up to 10 units per string.

The middle-sized inverter, dubbed BYM700, works with a panel power range of 450 W to 750 W. Its efficiency reaches 97.5% and the European efficiency is rated at 97%. It has a size of 210 mm x 230 mm x 34 mm and weighs in at s 2.38 kg. It enables the connection of up to eight units per string.

The largest micro-inverter – the BYM2800 – is able to work with solar modules in the power range of 450 W to 750 W. It can achieve the same efficiencies as the BYM550 product.

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For all devices, the MPPT voltage range is 24-50 V and the operating voltage range is 16.56 V, while the maximum DC input voltage is 60 V and the maximum short-circuit current is 24 A. Furthermore, they all achieve an MPPT efficiency of 99.8%, and a night power consumption of less than 100 milliwatts. The devices also feature an IP67 enclosure rating and a cooling system based on natural convection.

The manufacturer offers a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-year product warranty for all the micro-inverters of the series.

Beny Electric is based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, and has an annual inverter capacity of 30 GW. It also has overseas offices in Germany, USA, and Brazil.

*The article was updated to reflect that the weight of the BMY500 and BYM700 inverters is 2.38 kg, and not 23.8 kg, as we previously reported.

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