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Deye unveils high-voltage hybrid inverters for rooftop PV applications

Deye’s new three-phase hybrid inverters have efficiency ratings of up to 97.60% and European efficiency ratings of 97.0%. They are available in five versions, with power outputs ranging from 29.9 kW to 50 kW.

Dutch regulator warns of EMC issues, hacking risks for solar inverters

Most solar inverters in the Netherlands fail electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, posing interference risks and raising the threat of hacking, says the National Inspectorate for Digital Infrastructure (RDI).

India’s Livsol unveils wall-mounted battery inverter

India’s Livsol has released 300 VA, 1 kVA, 2 kVA, 3 kVA, and 5 kVA versions of its new wall-mounted lithium battery inverters, with operating voltages of 12.8 V, 12.8 V, 25.6 V, 51.2 V, and 48 V.

Slenergy emerges as new one-stop solar shop for Europe

A new solar company has entered the PV market, pv magazine learned this week at SNEC in Shanghai. The company sells everything from PV modules and inverters to racking and wallboxes.


APsystems releases microinverter for balcony PV systems

APsystems has developed an EZ1 microinverter with an efficiency rating of 97.3% and a nominal maximum power point tracker (MPPT) efficiency of 99.5%. It can be connected to two high-power solar modules.

Sungrow unveils power optimizer for rooftop PV systems

Sungrow’s new power optimizer has a rated input power of 600 W, a maximum efficiency rating of 99.4%, and a weighted efficiency of 98.8%. It can accommodate up to 30 modules per string.

Beny introduces rapid shutdown tech for PV installations

Beny New Energy’s latest module-level rapid shutdown solution is UL certified and SunSpec certified. It says the new tech is designed for a range of PV systems, including residential, commercial, and large-scale arrays.

Sinexcel unveils silicon carbide hybrid inverters for residential applications

Sinexcel’s new inverters offer an efficiency rating of 97.5% to 98.0% and a European efficiency range of 97.2% to 97.5%.


Key takeaways from Solar + Storage España

RE+ held the Solar + Storage España event in Barcelona on May 10 and 11, in collaboration with pv magazine. Our team of editors curated and hosted the two-day “Sun of Spain to Lead Europe” conference.

Fraunhofer ISE proposes new standard for inverters with arc fault detectors

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) has replaced the 2011 UL 1699B standard with its new IEC 63027 standard for inverters, incorporating arc fault detectors. The objective is to improve safety and efficiency in inverter technology.


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