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Walmart adds 6.5 MW of rooftop and canopy parking solar to California stores

The $10 million portfolio was developed by Sol Customer Solutions and will deliver energy to seven stores across the state.

Geospatial approach to evaluation of potential solar sites

A U.S. research group has used high-resolution data to drill down to individual parcels of land, in order to figure out how much space is available for solar at optimal locations and preferred sites.

Indiana regulators slash net metering rate, advise solar owners to buy batteries

A new ruling in Indiana could extend payback periods to as long as 25 years and effectively dry up new business in the southwestern part of the US state, according to one installer.


New York Power Authority tests 1 MWh zinc-based battery

The New York Power Authority will deploy a battery to provide peak shaving capability. It aims to validate the system’s performance reliability to help determine O&M and life-cycle costs.


Maxeon to ramp up solar shingle module production in the US

The expansion depends on the company obtaining debt or equity financing to buy equipment, after which initial sales are expected to start in the first quarter of 2022.

Using optical film to concentrate light in large-scale PV

The approach taken at a 13.7 MW Canadian solar park redirects and concentrates otherwise discarded light onto the PV cells.

Bright future for long-duration storage, but costs must fall

U.S. researchers have discovered that long-duration energy storage technologies could make the decarbonization of the electricity system more affordable and reliable.

US government wants to cut solar costs by 60% in 10 years

The US Energy Department set a goal of achieving 2 cents/kWh by 2030, and announced an initial $128 million in funding to support technology development.


LG to invest in US battery production for EVs, energy storage

LG says its new expansion plan will give it a total production capacity of more than 110 GWh in the United States.


Nextracker settles PV patent infringement lawsuit

Solar FlexRack will pay Nextracker royalties on qualifying sales revenue from Solar FlexRack’s TDP 2.0 solar tracker and related products, services, and components.