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France installed 1.71 GW of solar in January-September period

France’s cumulative installed PV capacity reached 15.8 GW at the end of September.


French government sets up PPA guarantee fund for renewables

The French government has revealed that French lender Bpifrance will manage a fund to guarantee power purchase agreements for up to 500 MW of cumulative installed capacity.


Tech advances halving surface needed for ground-mount solar

French developer VSN Energies Nouvelles was able to almost double the capacity of one of its PV projects due to technological advances such as high-powered panels and new plant design concepts.


French railway operator signs 25-year solar PPA

SNCF has agreed to buy 207 GWh of annual electricity supplies under a 25-year power purchase agreement with France’s Reden, which is building four solar plants to provide electricity to the railway operator.


CEA-INES reduces silver consumption in M2 heterojunction solar cell

The French research institute said it was able to reduce the width of the metallization lines of the photovoltaic cells without affecting the efficiency.


Impact of vertical PV on grasslands

A French consortium has commissioned an 89 kWp pilot project featuring 252 vertically installed solar panels. The companies are now trying to assess the impact of vertical bifacial solar panels on grasslands.


Maxeon shuts down French solar module factory

Maxeon has closed its last PV module factory in Europe, as it cannot remain competitive due to its small size and high raw material costs.


Enel Green Power, INES develop DC/DC MPPT converter for solar panels

Enel Green Power’s initial tests show that the addition of DC/DC MPPT converters to a pilot PV plant has driven a 1% energy production gain. It now plans to deploy the solution on a 1 MW power plant in Italy.

Agrivoltaics for vineyards

Developers recently commissioned two different wine-related agrivoltaic projects in Europe.


French consortium commissions solar module recycling facility

Soren and Envie 2E Aquitaine have inaugurated a new solar module recycling facility in Saint-Loubès, France.