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The Hydrogen Stream: Northern Europe driving hydrogen project development

Dutch and Brazilian ports have signed a cooperation deal involving port development and green hydrogen production, while Thyssenkrupp Nucera has released a new alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) module.

India to join Germany’s green hydrogen strategy update

India will use its internal market to scale up hydrogen projects, with Germany as a possible export destination. As part of a broader strategy, the countries will collaborate on a financial and technological level on energy transition projects.


FuturaSun to start PV cell production with 10 GW solar factory in China

FuturaSun is betting on a vertical integration strategy with the launch of a 10 GW solar cell factory in Huai’an, China. It aims to start production in spring 2024.


The Hydrogen Stream: Australia to invest $1.35 billion in hydrogen

The Australian government has presented its 2023-2024 budget, with AUD 2 billion ($1.35 billion) to be invested in hydrogen, while Austria, Germany, and Italy said they have started moving forward on a southern hydrogen corridor from North Africa to Northern Europe.


The Hydrogen Stream: Electrolysis is cost-efficient in all climates, says Finnish team

Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland said that chemical energy storages were needed for short and long-term balancing in every climate region, especially in the northern climates. Meanwhile, companies are moving forward with their plans to produce hydrogen in Namibia and Morocco.

The Hydrogen Stream: Swiss team sets record solar-to-hydrogen rate

Researchers from Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have unveiled a new solar dish plant design, while Plug Power has delivered its first electrolyzer system to Europe.


The Hydrogen Stream: US could get 13% industrial heat from hydrogen by 2050

Deloitte says blue and green hydrogen could supply 13% of US industrial process heat by 2050 with strong policy incentives, carbon pricing, and hydrogen supply targets as primary policy variables.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen, electricity trade-offs for energy islands

A Scandinavian research team has investigated the best set-up for energy islands, to determine whether they are better achieved with submarine cables or hydrogen infrastructure.


The Hydrogen Stream: Green hydrogen generation on the Baltic Sea

Salzgitter Flachstahl says it will produce hydrogen with green electricity from a wind power plant under construction by Iberdrola in the Baltic Sea. German Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, meanwhile, has announced funding for the Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking transformation program.


The Hydrogen Stream: Chinese companies push for hydrogen transport

CNPC and Sinopec are working on transporting hydrogen via pipelines, while Matrix Renewables has expanded its green hydrogen partnership with Rolwind Renovables.


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