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The Hydrogen Stream: World’s largest hydrogen airplane makes first flight

ZeroAvia tested its new 19-seat hydrogen-powered aircraft, Chinese scientists unveiled new tech to promote bubble removal in electrolyzers, and Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology researchers claimed that the most efficient hydrogen production systems are based on waste heat.

Turkey aims to produce hydrogen at $2.40/kg by 2035

Turkey has released a hydrogen roadmap as part of its plans to meet its 2035 net-zero emission targets, hinging on solar energy and importing electrolysis technologies in the short term. Gulmira Rzayeva, research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, says this target is realistic.


Sustainable Capital offers €100m of financing for EU hydrogen companies

The European Union and its funding mechanisms for hydrogen are attracting the interest of private funds and investors. Sustainable Capital says it wants to co-invest in preselected companies, mainly in the mobility sector, focusing on Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands.


Storing hydrogen in cryogenic tanks

Pusan National University researchers have found that hydrogen vaporization increases significantly as cryogenic tanks become emptier. The research sheds light on a key technology to transport hydrogen.

Europe, Japan led global hydrogen patents in 2011-20 period

The European Patent Office (EPO) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have released a new report on hydrogen tech patents. They noted the rise in electrolysis innovation and said automakers and chemicals suppliers are leading the way with hydrogen patents.

Solar-powered artificial leaf to produce hydrogen from air

Chemical engineers in Switzerland have invented a solar-powered artificial leaf. Their solar-powered, transparent and porous electrode turns water from its gaseous state in the air into hydrogen fuel.

Photocatalytic water splitting with 9.2% solar-to-hydrogen efficiency

A US research team has developed a new technique to produce hydrogen from sunlight and water. It works in an indoor environment and uses pure water, concentrated solar light, and an indium gallium nitride photocatalyst.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hyundai inches closer to hydrogen engine development

Hyundai Heavy Industries has revealed plans to develop a hybrid engine with more hydrogen by 2023, and a complete hydrogen engine by 2025. Japan, meanwhile, has signed hydrogen-related agreements with Saudi Arabia and Oman.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen production set for Tasmania

As Australia’s hydrogen project pipeline doubles in 12 months, Iberdrola announces investment in a green hydrogen and green methanol production plant in Tasmania. Meanwhile, projects in Scandinavia target the shipping industry.


The Hydrogen Stream: EODev launches packaged hydrogen generators for land, sea applications

EODev will start delivering hydrogen generators by the end of 2024 to countries in the West and the Middle East, with a focus on regions with public incentive policies. German companies, meanwhile, have agreed to convert a gas pipeline network into a hydrogen pipeline network.

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