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Chinese PV Industry Brief: GCL Technology posts 2023 revenue dip

GCL Technology says revenue and profits fell in 2023 due to losses on certain assets, higher financing costs, and an uptick in R&D spending.

Voltaic Systems unveils battery monitoring system for offgrid PV applications

The U.S.-based PV system provider for infrastructure and industrial equipment without grid access has launched a battery health monitoring software module for its flagship Core Solar Power Systems product line.


New water circulation tech promises lower PERC solar cell manufacturing costs

A German team developed models to illustrate water-saving potential in PERC silicon solar cell manufacturing based on a circular approach and commercially available technology. In the case of a 5 GW fab, water savings of up to 79% and wastewater discharge reductions up to 84% could be achieved, a “significant” improvement compared to a reference scenario.

Ardagh group adopts solar at packaging manufacturing plants in Europe

Luxembourg-based Ardagh Group is installing solar PV at several of its packaging manufacturing sites in the United Kingdom and Europe. The latest is a 1.75 MW rooftop system installed at a glass packaging facility in Irvine, Scotland.

Sinovoltaics releases inverter manufacturer financial stability ranking

Sinovoltaics analyzed publicly traded inverter producers using a balance sheet-based model and publicly available financial information to track finacial strength over the past three years. The top-five in the latest ranking are Hoymiles Power Electronics, Enphase, Kstar, Eaton, and Goodwe.


Fraunhofer ISE develops 23.4%-efficient PERC solar cells with limited silver amount

A team from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems has reduced silver consumption in the fabrication of PERC solar cells by screen-printing ultra-fine metallization lines measuring just 14 μm. The resulting solar cell offered remarkable efficiency levels, which were confirmed by Fraunhofer ISE CalLab.


Chinese PV Industry Brief: Arctech to build 3 GW factory in Saudi Arabia

Arctech says it plans to open a 3 GW tracker factory in Saudi Arabia. The tracker manufacturer says the facility in Jeddah will be designed to reach up to 10 GW of capacity.

Perovskite PV cell, module manufacturing may face material supply risks

German and Swedish researchers calculated the supply of materials to produce perovskite tandem PV at a multi-terawatt-scale, flagging the difficult supply of gold, indium and cesium, well as a need to streamline production of certain materials used for hole-transport layers. “In essence, we might be able to go post-fossil fuels, but we can’t go post-minerals,” the research’s corresponding author, Lukas Wagner, told pv magazine.

Solarge plans 500 MW BIPV module factory

Dutch module manufacturer Solarge has raised €3 million venture capital from new and existing investors to expand its recently opened facility where it produces lightweight, low carbon, panels for commercial and industrial rooftops.

Chinese PV Industry Brief: China’s cumulative PV capacity tops 660 GW

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) says the nation installed more than 47 GW of solar in the first three months of this year.


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