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How ‘productive use of electricity’ can unlock economic potential across Africa

“Productive use of electricity” (PUE) has been the buzzword in the African solar industry for the past two years. The African Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) has prepared a catalog of solar-based PUE solutions for the continent, including a plethora of new solar off-grid and on-grid systems.


Mobile solar system for farms

India’s Vivasvan Solar has designed a foldable solar structure mounted on a trolley. The system has mechanisms to prevent damage to the panels during transit and is especially useful for agricultural farms.


Making the business case for solar-plus-storage

Much has been said about the benefits installing solar and batteries can offer to businesses but, as companies face mounting input cost inflation, is the upfront investment too much to bear or have volatile electricity costs made the decision a no-brainer?


Minigrids edging closer to profitability

The minigrid space continues to attract a lot of attention from development partners in Africa. Minigrids can actually generate profits, so there is no doubt that commercial finance players will eventually jump on the bandwagon, according to the Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA).


Solar, storage system for water treatment in Malawi

RIC Energy has built a 1.3 MW PV array and a 4.5 MWh battery system for two water treatment plants and five water pumping stations in Malawi. The hybrid system will treat enough water to supply more than 200,000 people.


VFLowTech secures funds to make modular vanadium redox flow batteries

Singapore-based VFLowTech is manufacturing compact, scalable vanadium redox flow batteries with 24/7 operation over lifespans of 25 years. It is now setting up a 200 MWh production line, with plans to scale up the production of modular, long-duration storage solutions.

New lithium iron phosphate battery for residential, off-grid PV

Discovery Battery’s new lithium iron phosphate battery system has a nominal voltage of 51.2 V and a capacity of 100 Ah. Up to six 5.12 kWh battery modules can be stacked in a single enclosure, and up to four enclosures can be connected in parallel for a total capacity of 120 kWh.


Puerto Rico could approach 40% renewables by 2025

Rapidly deploying 5.2 GW of planned solar and storage in Puerto Rico, a possibility raised in a report by six national laboratories, would require an improvement in the Puerto Rico utility’s practices. A mandated procurement process has suffered delays at many steps.


Will Africa be left behind in the scramble for renewables?

Buoyant predictions about a rosy future for African photovoltaics, based on the continent’s abundant solar resources, continue to overlook the difficulties of securing investment, as Empower New Energy co-founder and CEO Terje Osmundsen explains, referring to a report published by the Africa Solar Industry Association at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi today.


Survey: How should smart grids be implemented?

PV integration in smart grids is a complex but highly relevant issue, with various aspects to be considered to develop different scenarios. Researchers in the IEA-PVPS Task 14 program are conducting a survey to collect opinions from peers in the PV branch to perform such an analysis.


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