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New mobile lithium-ion batteries for utility-scale market

US-based Nomad Transportable Power Systems (NOMAD) has started offering plug-and-play, utility-scale mobile energy storage systems. There are three versions – 2 MWh, 1.3 MWh, and 660 kWh – with a patent-pending docking platform.


Pakistan approved 280 MW of solar in 2021-22

Pakistan’s National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has published its annual report for the 2021-22 financial year. The regulator granted nine licenses for solar projects, totaling 44.74 MW of installed capacity, and 7,032 net-metering licenses for a total of 243.43 MW.

The Global South’s solar e-waste problem

An international research group has examined the structural barriers to addressing the solar e-waste problem in the Global South. They argue that the focus should be on repairing devices, rather than recycling them.


Mobile solar-plus-storage unit for offgrid applications

Enerwhere has designed a solar-plus-storage mobile unit for offgrid locations such as oil and gas fields and construction sites. It can be adapted to different needs and is scalable up to megawatt-scale projects.


In the far reaches of northern Mexico

In two remote regions of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, PV-powered microgrids bring electricity to a university and an agricultural ranch, neither of which are well served by the regional grid. The microgrids make use of lithium-ion batteries supplied by Growatt, alongside modules from local manufacturer SolarEver. The projects serve as an example of how products like Growatt’s off-grid inverters and energy storage solutions can bring reliable solar power to regions with limited energy access.

The mobility rEVolution: Microgrid for EV charging, hydrogen fueling, backup power

The EU Parliament has voted to end combustion vehicle sales in 2035, Siemens has announced plans to develop wireless charging for electric vehicles, and Lightyear has launched the final design of its long-range, production-ready solar car.


Power-to-gas-to-power designs to incorporate hydrogen in solar-wind microgrids

Researchers in Mexico have looked at integrating hydrogen-based power-to-gas-to-power into an existing rural microgrid. They said this solution could become competitive if electrolyzer, fuel cell and hydrogen tank costs are halved, or if diesel prices keep rising.


Ricoh launches mini hydropower system for remote locations, usable with solar-plus-storage

The pico-hydro generation system can be used with factory drainage systems and irrigation canals. According to the manufacturer, it is made with 3D-printed sustainable materials and is able to generate electricity even with a small stream of water. Solar and storage may be linked to the system to ensure stable power supply.


Australia’s largest microgrid goes online

The Western Australian coastal town of Kalbarri can now be powered by an entirely renewable energy solution utilizing rooftop solar and wind generation coupled with battery storage with state government-owned utility Western Power confirming the state’s largest renewable energy microgrid has been commissioned.


Solar trailer for off-grid applications from France

Developed by French start-up Ecosun, the trailer is equipped with 15 solar panels with output of 360 W and batteries with a storage capacity of 23 kWh. It can be used for construction sites, military camps and water pumping systems.

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