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Socomec releases new modular energy storage system

Socomec says its new modular energy storage system includes a converter and up to six battery cabinets. At maximum capacity, it can store 1,116 kWh.


Reel secures €5 million to expand corporate PPA business

Reel, a spinoff of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), has raised €5 million ($5.4 million) of seed capital to enhance its products and expand internationally. It is offering customized fixed price contracts to businesses based on solar and wind power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Solar canopies as a central pillar of IRA-driven energy transition

With so much of the space in United States cities allocated for parking, the dual pronged approach of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – production tax credits to drive investment in domestic manufacturing and investment tax credits to attract consumer-side investment – means solar canopies can make a huge contribution to the net zero drive.

Weekend Read: Decarbonizing disaster response

Diesel generators have been the workhorse of disaster relief for decades but as the frequency of extreme weather events rises, so do calls to decarbonize the emergency response. Sustainability may not be the only benefit to using solar in a crisis, as pv magazine discovers.


Energy trade model for interconnected renewable microgrids

Scientists from China proposed a new method for energy trade optimization between interconnected microgrids and the main utility grid. The novel approach utilizes particle swarm optimization and gravitational search algorithms with Nash Bargaining.


CMBlu Energy’s organic flow batteries to be tested in microgrids, cold climates

The US Department of Energy’s (DoE) Argonne National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory will carry out demonstration projects to validate long-duration energy storage tech developed by German manufacturer CMBlu Energy. The collaborative project is designed to improve microgrids in cold climates and make fast charging of electric vehicles more affordable in underserved communities.


How to integrate residential solar-plus-storage with vehicle-to-home systems

Researchers from Australia have created a model to optimize the interaction between vehicle-to-home (V2H) systems and residential PV connected to battery storage. They claim V2H can help reduce the cost of energy by 16.7% for workplace charging and 25% for public charging.


Maharlika Consortium wins Philippines microgrid tender

The Philippines Department of Energy says the Maharlika Consortium – representing three companies – will develop two microgrid hybrid solar and diesel generator power plants for “underserved” communities located on Panlaitan island and the island of Mindoro.

Israel to build energy communities in villages destroyed by Hamas

Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure says it is currently developing a multi-year program for communities attacked by Hamas on Oct. 7. It aims to deploy 5 GW of energy in the destroyed areas, once residents return.


Dyness releases 1.6 kWh battery for balcony PV systems

Chinese manufacturer Dyness has unveiled a 1.6 kWh battery designed for balcony PV systems, allowing users to stack up to four units for a total storage capacity of 6.4 kWh, with a reported lifespan of more than 8,000 cycles.


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