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EU finance to back solar pumps and lanterns in Tanzania

European development campaign the Electricity Financing Initiative has invested around €1.26 million in a €1.5 million bond issued by domestic solar products supplier Simusolar.

Five policies to make green hydrogen affordable in Europe – for just €24bn per year

With the EU carbon price sat at record highs of around €50/ton, the authors of a report into the policies needed to drive a clean hydrogen economy in Europe say the storage medium won’t compete with its fossil fuel powered version even if carbon allowances cost four times that level.


Interview: Corporates’ climate commitments open doors for massive renewable energy deployment

Corporate renewable energy purchases are at an all time high. In Europe alone, a record-breaking 4 GW of corporate power purchase agreements were signed in 2020, bringing the overall total to 15 GW. Globally, this figure is even higher. As part of the UP Initiative’s quarterly theme on ‘Sustainable electricity and corporates’ critical solar role’, pv magazine spoke to Hannah Hunt, Impact Director at RE-Source, a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy buyers and suppliers, about how the business model landscape for such purchases is evolving, and the challenges the sector faces, including shortages in renewable energy supply across Europe.

The Hydrogen Stream: Ineos to invest £25m in HydrogenOne fund as Shell fires up its 10 MW electrolyzer

Plus, the Norwegian government is set to devote €2.5 million into a joint venture trying to develop liquid organic hydrogen carrier solutions for shipping by the middle of the decade.


Renewables powered island can be an outlier for the Greek archipelago

The Greek Ministry of the Environment and Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding with a clutch of private companies to turn the small Aegean island of Halki green as a demonstration of the effectiveness of its planned GR-Eco Islands Initiative.

German government study to evaluate potential of floating solar on lakes at former mines

Around 500 open-pit lakes left behind as a legacy of Germany’s open-cast lignite mining industry could potentially host more than 50 GW of solar generation capacity. With that in mind, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is financing a three-year study into the technology’s revenue potential.


Another battery recycling plant for Sweden

Construction on the Halmstad facility is expected to start this year after the Stena Recycling branch of the Swedish conglomerate announced a €25 million commitment.

Draghi must deliver on promises to simplify Italian solar permits

The current planning regulations would mean Italy not hitting its 2030 climate change targets for another 70 years and clean energy trade bodies say the Simplification Decree being debated in parliament – which was drafted to secure €191 billion of EU cash and loans – does not go far enough.


The prospects for solar in a 1.5C world

We will need 10.7 TW of clean energy generation capacity this decade to stay on track with the most ambitious of the climate change paths agreed in Paris, which would include plenty of solar investment and jobs, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.


China set to mandate solar on at least 20% of residential roofs in pilot counties

State body the NEA has given its provincial offices until July 15th to suggest counties where a solar mandate – which rises to at least half of all government roofspace – can be rolled out. Selected companies will be awarded whole-county contracts.


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