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The Hydrogen Stream: Hyundai to export heavy-duty hydrogen trucks to Germany
Aug 05, 2022
Seven German companies have agreed to put 27 Hyundai heavy-duty fuel…
The Hydrogen Stream: Fuel cells for backup power
Aug 02, 2022
The PEM fuel cell test in New York demonstrated the…
The Hydrogen Stream: $8 billion green hydrogen facility near the Suez Canal
Jul 29, 2022
Egypt is taking several steps to support renewable and hydrogen…
PPA prices in Europe decreased by 11% in June
Jul 28, 2022
The rise in gas and electricity prices was not reflected…
The Hydrogen Stream: Construction begins on world’s largest integrated green hydrogen, ammonia plant
Jul 26, 2022
In other news, German energy company Uniper said it will…
The Hydrogen Stream: Gas prices are higher than levelized cost of hydrogen for several technologies in Europe
Jul 22, 2022
In other news, Toyota unveiled plans to roll out light-duty…
PEM fuel cell with novel biomimetic design
Jul 21, 2022
Spanish scientists developed a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with…
The Hydrogen Stream: Porous silicon material for hydrogen production, storage
Jul 19, 2022
EPRO Advance Technology has developed new silicon materials for hydrogen…
Green hydrogen of Africa
Magazine Article
Jul 18, 2022
Africa’s size and its abundance of renewable energy and mineral…
Waste heat from hydrogen production for district heating
Jul 13, 2022
The use of waste heat from hydrogen production in district…
The Hydrogen Stream: Global electrolyzer market to reach 8.5 GW by 2026
Jul 12, 2022
GlobalData has predicted that the global electrolyzer market will hit…
PEM electrolysis coupled with thermal energy storage
Jul 11, 2022
Chinese researchers claim to have improved the performance of a…
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