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Bolivia launches call for lithium extraction

Bolivia has launched a second international call, after a first attempt failed in 2019, to seek potential investors for its huge lithium resources.


Bolivia introduces net metering for rooftop PV

The new provisions came into force on March 24. Net metering tariffs will have to be established by the energy regulator.

Bolivia connects 50 MW second phase of Oruro PV project

Bolivian President Luis Arce this week inaugurated the second phase of the Oruru Photovoltaic Solar Plant. Located 3,700 meters above sea level, the plant is believed to be the world’s highest altitude PV installation.


Is fair lithium from Chile possible?

Batteries, and the raw materials that make them, are a frequent target of public criticism. The high water consumption required for lithium extraction is speeding up desertification around the salt lakes of Latin America’s “lithium triangle”, for example. The mining debate highlights general problems with the extraction of raw materials including copper, crude oil and lithium but international companies can still influence extraction methods – and there are plenty of different approaches.


Bolivia commissions 60 MW solar park

The Uyuni project will cover half of the electricity demand in the Potosí region, and is currently the largest PV installation in the Andean country. The project was realized thanks to an investment of US$62 million.

Bolivia hires ACI Systems for its first lithium factory

The German company was chosen among eight bidders through an expression of interest process. It will be responsible for the construction, assembly and commissioning of a lithium manufacturing facility. The Bolivian government expects an annual income of US$1 billion.

Spain’s TSK wins contract to build 50 MW solar plant in Bolivia

The Oruro solar plant was tendered by the Bolivian government in April 2016. The $54.7 million facility will be connected to the network of local state-owned utility, ENDE.


French Development Agency finances solar project in Bolivia with €11.5 million

The 50 MW Planta Solar Fotovoltaica Oruro project is scheduled for completion in 2018. Bolivia’s power utility ENDE is currently reviewing 16 bids for the projects.

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