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Consumers have a right to know the energy make-up of goods

With energy certification already a must-have for any business which makes green energy claims, Ed Everson, chief executive of England-based, global certification company Evident, makes the case for firms to be required to make full disclosure of their energy sources.

Engie completes 87.9 MW solar plant in Chile

Global Energy Services started building Engie’s 87.9 MW Capricornio solar project in northern Chile in 2019. The facility is located in a region that is known as the sunniest part of the world.

Chilean developer builds solar plant on tailings dam

Guacolda Energía has completed a 3 MW solar project in Tierra Amarilla, Chile. It is the the world’s first solar project to be built on a tailings dam.


Engie plans Latin America’s largest storage project

Engie Energía Chile has announced plans to build a 638 MWh energy storage system at the Coya solar plant in Chile’s northern Antofagasta region.


Big solar already pulling its weight on emission reduction – especially in Chile

Following a disappointing COP27 climate change summit in November, solar industry veteran Philip Wolfe reviews the contribution utility-scale PV is starting to make to emissions reduction.


Colbun switches on battery-linked 230 MW solar plant in Chile

Colbun has completed the Diego de Almagro Sur solar plant in Chile’s Atacama region. It is connected to 8 MW/32 MWh of battery storage.


Chile enacts law on energy storage, electromobility

Chile has enacted the Renewable Energy Storage and Electromobility Law, which will compensate standalone storage projects for injecting electricity into the grid and being available at times of peak demand.


Strategically timed, transnational exchange of solar energy

Argentina and Chile are reactivating the Andes Interconnection Line to facilitate the bidirectional exchange of energy. During the day, Argentina will receive 80 MW of solar from Chile, but it will export back 200 MW of natural gas at night.

Four injured in solar thermal plant accident

Four people who were carrying out inspection work at the Chilean Cerro Dominador solar thermal plant have suffered burns due to a high-temperature water leak. Two are in intensive care.

Chile contracts 777 GWh of power in renewables auction, average price comes in at $0.03738/kWh

The Chilean energy regulator concluded an auction to supply electricity to the national system over a period of 15 years from 2027.

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