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Czech utility unveils tech to secure solar panels in unstable subsoil

CEZ Group has developed a new solution for securing solar photovoltaics in areas of unstable subsoil from the central section of conveyor belts previously used in strip coal mines. Several pilots of the steel structure have already been deployed on a reclaimed area near the Bílina Mine in northern Czechia.

Off-grid solar-wind power plant design for green hydrogen generation

Scientists in Czechia have conducted a techno-economic analysis of a green hydrogen production system powered exclusively by photovoltaic and wind energy. The system uses surplus energy for water treatment and, according to its creator, can achieve a levelized cost of hydrogen of $3.12/kg.


Czechia introduces first rules for agrivoltaics

Under Czechia’s new rules for agrivoltaics, farmers and developers will not need approval to change land designations and zoning plans for agricultural areas devoted to PV generation. The provisions currently only allow agrivoltaics to be deployed in orchards and vineyards.


The Hydrogen Stream: Plug Power commissions 1 MW PEM electrolyzer

A number of hydrogen projects are moving forward in the United States, Germany and Denmark. In other developments, the German state of Saxony is teaming up with other partners, including the Czech Republic, to set up a hydrogen network in Eastern Europe.

Czechia records 970 MW of new solar in 2023

Czechia registered strong PV capacity growth in 2023, driven by a surge in residential installations. The nation’s PV association says it expects a shift toward larger power plants in the coming year, but notes the need for more energy storage capacity.


Master-slave technique for deploying parallel inverters in PV systems

Scientists in Czechia have proposed to use parallel inverters in PV systems to not only reduce instability, but also to increase power yield. The proposed approach reportedly results in higher maximum power point tracking (MPPT) performance.


Bust to boom: Key takeaways from Czechia’s Smart Energy Forum

As Czechia reaches its solar potential, with impending changes to the country’s legislative landscape ushering in greater utility-scale solar array rollouts, over 5,000 attendees – government ministers, industry experts, and key business stakeholders – descended on Prague this week for the 2023 Smart Energy Forum.


Coating metallic ribbons for aesthetic implementation of BIPV

Researchers in Switzerland have looked into three kinds of black ink coating for metallic ribbons used in PV modules. They have compared their visual stability and their effect on electrical performance.

European research group creates injection molding plastic solar cells

A French-Spanish research team developed organic photovoltaic modules embedded into plastic parts through high throughput injection molding. The researchers injected thermoplastic polyurethane in the modules and found it enhances their mechanical stability while keeping a high flexibility.

New research claims 85 solar plants in Czechia reached end of lifetime after only 12 years

Data monitoring from 85 PV power plants built in Czechia between 2009 and 2010 show delamination plays a crucial role in significantly reducing their expected lifetime. The scientists behind the research explained that the main cause for the reduced lifetime was due not only to a poor estimation of the technical possibilities of the PV panels at the time of planning and installation, but also to a profit-led approach aimed at lowering the costs of the projects.


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