Even if it is cheap enough, efficiency does matter

A British-German research team claims that organic PV technologies may become mature enough to compete with crystalline silicon and thin-film products not only in BIPV, but also in power generation in the electricity market. In order to get there, however, organic PV products will have to achieve higher efficiencies.

More solar PPAs from Spain, Germany

In Spain, Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis has agreed to buy wind and solar power through six different PPAs. In Germany, Enerparc has secured a PPA from German railway operator Deutsche Bahn.

Total expands EV business

The French energy giant has acquired Charging Solutions, a recharging stations specialist, from German industrial group Viessmann. It has also won a tender by the municipal government of Paris to operate 2,300 EV charging points.

Fraunhofer IMWS aims to make it possible to predict reliability and service life of inverters and batteries

The German research institute wants to develop an efficient and reliable methodology, which could contribute to considerable cost reductions in photovoltaic generation – both for manufacturers and operators.

Floating PV on a quarry lake in southern Germany

Spanish company Isigenere has deployed a 739 kW floating array on a quarry lake near Dettelbach, in the Bavaria region. The plant is relying on 1,896 panels with a power output of 395 W each.

Oxford PV’s German module factory backed by Brandenburg state with €8.8m

Oxford PV is currently building a manufacturing facility for its silicon perovskite tandem solar cells in Brandenburg an der Havel.

SMA swings to profit in first three quarters of 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the photovoltaic inverter maker was able to significantly increase its turnover and sales compared to the previous year.


Toshiba and Siemens Energy pledge to walk away from coal-fired power business

The Japanese tech giant and German power company have followed the lead of General Electric by promising not to take on any new coal power station contracts.

World could add more than 900 GW of solar by 2025 if politicians grasp the nettle – IEA

With the International Energy Agency publishing its latest five-year clean energy forecast today, pv magazine takes a look at the solar content of the 162-page document.


Dual-ion battery prototype promises safe and cost-competive energy storage

Scientists have fabricated a working battery using a new type of dual-ion chemistry. The design avoids many of the rare or expensive materials found in today’s lithium-ion batteries, and also comes with an inherently lower risk of fire. The battery showed promising performance, and its creators say they have identified several areas where performance could potentially be improved.