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Heliatek develops lightweight organic PV module for low load-bearing roofs, facades

German organic PV manufacturer Heliatek has announced a new series of lightweight modules. The Heliasol 436-2000-CFE-45-600V panels are IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certified and have a 20-year lifetime warranty.

Solarwatt presents DC version of Battery flex PV storage system

Solarwatt says it has developed a DC version of its Battery flex PV storage system. The new version offers backup power and is optimized for the Steca SolBrid hybrid inverter.

The Hydrogen Stream: India launches green ammonia auction

As the state-owned SECI launches a reverse auction to purchase 539,000 metric tonnes of green ammonia a year, Yara officially opened its 24 MW renewable hydrogen plant at Herøya, Norway.

BASF, NGK launch sodium-sulfur battery with less than 1% degradation rate

A set of technological improvements incorporated into the new product NAS MODEL L24 allows for lower maintenance costs compared to the earlier sodium sulfur battery type developed by the two manufacturers.

Volkswagen enters C&I energy storage business with Elli

The Volkswagen Group has announced its entry into a new business segment with its charging and energy brand Elli. It will develop massive industrial battery energy storage systems, including initial 350 MW/700 MWh projects already in its pipeline.

Runergy strengthens alliances to bolster Europe’s solar energy revolution

In addition to establishing a registered entity in Germany, Runergy has formed expert teams with local knowledge in countries such as France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Poland, boosting its position in Europe.

ISC Konstanz claims 24.12% certified efficiency for tunnel back contact solar cell

The result was confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH). The cell also achieved an open-circuit voltage of 709.5 mV, a short circuit density of 11,355 mA, and a fill factor of 82.04%.

DLR launches solar atlas to identify rooftop PV potential in Germany

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has created a solar atlas to identify rooftop PV potential in Germany. This new open-access online platform uses aerial photographs and geodata processed with machine-learning methods to determine solar energy potential for the country’s entire building stock of around 20 million units.

Bosch unveils water source heat pumps for residential, commercial applications

Bosch Home Comfort has presented two new heat pumps series that can be used for both retrofits and new buildings. Both products have a size of a size of ½ to 6 tons and a coefficient of performance of up to 4.9.


BNEF Summit highlights sluggish trading of low-carbon hydrogen, derivatives

Analysts at the recent BNEF Summit in Munich discussed delays for hydrogen adoption in European countries, noting that locations are crucial for predicting which hydrogen production plans will proceed. Projects in areas with high amounts of renewables have an advantage.

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