Russian scientists aim to enhance cell efficiency with gadolinium oxide nanoparticles

A Russian research team believes that the addition of rare-earth ions into the structure of photonic nanoparticles could help to increase the efficiency of industrial solar cells to 25–30%. However, they also said that further research is necessary.

Looking past perovskites

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego – with the help of the university’s Comet supercomputer – modelled thousands of halide compounds to come up with a shortlist of 13 materials that could be candidates for the efficient solar cell materials of the future.


Russia’s largest PV plant comes online

The 75 MW project was built by Russian developer Solar Systems LLC in Novokuybyshevsk, in the Samara oblast. The facility was mostly financed by Russian state-owned lender PJSC Sberbank.

Interview: Is Russia’s embrace of renewable energy a reality or a myth?

The superpower has always been seen as a fortress for oil and gas but positive signs are emerging from its renewable energy sector.


Renewables & geopolitics: Russia

In the latest of our interviews about renewable energy and geopolitics, Indra Øverland – head of the Center for Energy Research – discusses the difficult relationship between Russia and renewable energy. Despite a belief the gas and oil superpower will have little interest in clean energy, Overland believes the world’s most extensive nation will use renewables to improve its domestic power supply, especially in remote regions. Russia has a highly continental climate, with lots of sunshine – more than most of Western Europe, Overland says. Whether it can take advantage of that potential, however, is unclear.


Hevel partners with Kyrgyz monocrystalline wafer manufacturer Astra

The agreement includes the possibility of establishing an industrial cluster for solar module manufacturing, as well as industrial and financial cooperation within the Eurasian Economic Union.


Perovskites: A solar scientist’s bread and butter

University of Groningen in the Netherlands is adding its name to the growing list of research institutes that have developed an “industrially scalable” technique for the production of perovskite solar cells. In a separate publication, Russian scientists have reviewed the suitability of one group of perovskite materials for use in space.

European PV market grew 36% to reach 11 GW in 2018

Solarpower Europe has released its estimates for Europe’s installation figures in 2018. A reduction in system prices and a policy push boosted solar across the continent. And if the trade association’s CEO is to be believed, the newfound growth has just begun.

Russian Duma approves net metering for solar up to 15 kW

Under the new rules, expected to come into force by the end of the year, Russian residential PV system owners will be able to sell excess power to the grid. The provisions were discussed for almost two years before yesterday’s vote.


First hybrid hydro-PV project announced in Russia

Russian module manufacturer Hevel will deploy 1.2 MW of solar at an hydropower facility operated by local energy provider Rushydro in the Amur region. The solar installation is intended to help the company better manage the power plant, while also reducing its operational costs.

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