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Singaporean developer sizes up 1.2 GW/2.4 GWh battery in Australia

Singapore-based infrastructure developer Equis has announced plans to construct a 1,200 MW/2.4 GWh battery in Australia. It claims it will be the largest battery energy storage system to be developed in Australia and Asia.


Indonesia’s 3.5 GW solar megaproject set sights on green hydrogen

Australian independent power producer ReNu Energy has signed a deal with the developers of a proposed 3.5 GW solar-plus-storage facility in Indonesia to explore the potential large-scale production of green hydrogen for supply into Southeast Asia and beyond.


Singapore to adopt solar forecasting model

Scientists have completed a one-year trial of a model that calculates solar irradiation forecasts up to 24 hours in advance. Singapore’s Energy Market Authority now plans to adopt solar irradiance forecasting, as the model has an average error rate below 10% for one-hour forecasts.


Prefabricated BIPV wall for multi-floor buildings

Scientists in Singapore have built a plug-and-play, multi-layered, building-integrated PV wall that can be installed without scaffolds. The system has a light-gauge steel support structure, with a system to block air and rainwater at the wall connection.


Weekend read: Southeast Asian interconnection

While near neighbors, the electricity generation of the countries of Southeast Asia couldn’t be further apart. Indonesia burns locally mined coal; Malaysia has reserves of oil and gas; and populous Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines depend on fossil fuel imports. They could all benefit from increased solar electricity but higher grid capacities and interconnection are key for an opportunity to unlock the power of the sun.


Floating solar combined with wave, tidal, wind power

A consortium of Singaporean universities and companies will study the feasibility of integrating a hybrid floating solar project with ocean, tidal, and wind capacity. If successful, the parties plan to deploy a pilot system with at least 100 MW of renewables capacity.


The Hydrogen Stream: Singapore sees hydrogen supplying up to half of its power needs by 2050

The Southeast Asian country considers hydrogen as a key potential decarbonisation pathway, seeing business opportunities in three related specific fields: finance, shipping and aviation. Meanwhile, Evos, Hydrogenious, and Port of Amsterdam bet on thermal oil benzyl toluene for delivery of hydrogen before 2028.


In Asean nations it’s all about the solar

Indonesia will have to get to work installing more than 24 GW of solar this year – and every year – if the region is to achieve the 2.1 TW to 2.4 TW of photovoltaics Irena has estimated it will require to achieve a net zero carbon energy system by 2050.


Singapore regulator issues fresh appeal for clean power

The Energy Market Authority has already attracted proposals for 1.2 GW of renewable electricity, to be generated in four southeast Asian nations, and wants to raise that figure to 4 GW by 2035.


Upcycling silicon waste from end-of-life solar panels into thermoelectrics

Researchers in Singapore have developed a new technique in which polycrystalline silicon is pulverized into powder and pelletized into ingots. The process relies on spark plasma sintering to dope the silicon with germanium and phosphorus.


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