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New model to assess levelized cost of hydrogen in PV-powered electrolysis

Scientists in Singapore have developed a methodology to calculate the levelized cost of hydrogen in green hydrogen facilities powered by photovoltaics, emphasizing the need for a levelized cost of storage (LCOH) below $10/kg to enable green hydrogen to compete with gray, blue, and orange hydrogen in the current technology landscape.

Paving the way for lead-free perovskite solar cells

Researchers in Singapore have developed a perovskite solar cell via a new method to synthesize the capping without using lead. The cell is capped with a zinc-based compound and reportedly has a conversion efficiency of 24.1%.


VFLowTech secures funds to make modular vanadium redox flow batteries

Singapore-based VFLowTech is manufacturing compact, scalable vanadium redox flow batteries with 24/7 operation over lifespans of 25 years. It is now setting up a 200 MWh production line, with plans to scale up the production of modular, long-duration storage solutions.

Southeast Asia’s largest battery goes online

Sembcorp Industries has connected a 285 MWh battery storage system to the grid on Jurong Island, Singapore. It is reportedly Southeast Asia’s largest energy storage system, featuring 800 large-scale lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries.

World’s biggest solar, storage project up for sale

Sun Cable, the company behind the world’s largest solar and storage project, has officially gone up for sale after entering voluntary administration in Australia in January. Its administrator, FTI Consulting, is seeking binding offers of acquisition or recapitalization by the end of April, with a deal to be finalized by the end of May.

Only5mins! – The steeplechase of perovskite solar

The potential of perovskite solar cells and modules is still held back by issues such as stability and efficiency losses when scaling up from cell to module. But Annalisa Bruno, a scientist at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, says most of these challenges could be overcome in the near future, with this technology extending from building-integrated PV to conventional solar projects.


Sun Cable enters voluntary administration

Sun Cable, the developer of the world’s largest solar and battery project, has entered voluntary administration. It is still unclear what this will mean for its hallmark project, the Australia-Asia PowerLink.


Techniques to build thermally co-evaporated mini perovskite solar panels

Scientists in Singapore have reviewed all thermal evaporation techniques for the production of perovskite solar cells and modules. Despite limitations, the new methods could lead to high production throughputs and more efficient products.


Next year will bring micro and mega grids

This year has witnessed upheaval in the global energy system as inflation, geopolitical conflict, and the reality of a changing climate continue to drive the transition to cleaner energy. Next year, these trends are likely to continue and accelerate as renewable energy adoption continues to grow and the inextricable link between energy security and national security is increasingly recognized. Alan Greenshields, of US-based iron-salt flow battery maker ESS Inc, offers four predictions for 2023.


EDPR Sunseap testing solar floaters made of recycled plastic

PlasticBean, a manufacturer of recycled plastic pellets, has agreed to work with EDPR Sunseap to use 100% recycled plastic in floating PV solar projects in Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea.


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