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Upcycling silicon waste from end-of-life solar panels into thermoelectrics

Researchers in Singapore have developed a new technique in which polycrystalline silicon is pulverized into powder and pelletized into ingots. The process relies on spark plasma sintering to dope the silicon with germanium and phosphorus.


Large-area semitransparent perovskite PV module with 9.5% efficiency

Singaporean researchers have developed a semitransparent perovskite solar panels for applications such as building-integrated PV, vehicle-integrated solar, and smart glasses. They built it with a highly transparent and conducting transparent conductive oxide layer via tin-doped indium-oxide sputter deposition.

Sun Cable reveals full extent of its giant solar-plus-storage project in Australia

Singapore-based Sun Cable has submitted its Environmental Impact Statement to the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority. The document reveals the full extent of the project’s enormity, specifically a 17-20 GW solar farm tied to 36-42 GWh of battery energy storage, which is set to be transmitted by subsea cables to Singapore.


Indonesia’s Riau Islands set for more big solar and storage

Developers are moving fast to meet Singapore’s clean energy needs by establishing overseas solar-plus-storage plants, with a strong focus on facilities in neighboring Indonesia.


Quantum Power Asia, ib vogt propose 3.5 GW solar-storage project in Indonesia

Quantum Power Asia and ib vogt have set up a new partnership to build a 3.5 GW solar-plus-storage facility in Riau, Indonesia. The developers say the proposed $5 billion project could export solar electricity to Singapore by 2032.


Chinese manufacturer wants 28%-plus efficient HJT perovskite tandem solar cells

Footwear producer Golden Solar announced it would enter the solar market last year, with a focus on heterojunction devices.

Maxeon extends IBC modules’ product, perfomance warranty to 40 years

The manufacturer said the 40/40 warranty is the longest and most comprehensive combined warranty offered in the photovoltaic industry to date. The product line is sold in most countries outside the United States and Canada under the SunPower Maxeon brand.


Perovskite-organic tandem PV cell with 23.6% efficiency via optimized interconnecting layer

Scientists in Singapore have developed a cell that could be used to power vehicles and boats, among other applications. The tandem device purportedly retains 90% initial efficiency after 500 hours of maximum power point tracking under continuous one sun illumination.

Masdar, partners eye solar exports from Indonesia to Singapore

Masdar will explore the development of 1.2GW of solar and potential storage projects in Indonesia for export to Singapore.


The Hydrogen Stream: Australia approves $150 million hydrogen promotion program, Mitsubishi developing ammonia combustion burner in Japan

In other news, Oil India is setting up a 100 kW green hydrogen production facility in Assam, while the German government is providing €60 million for a project aimed at preparing electrolyzer technologies for industrial production at gigawatt scale.


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