Giant solar project at area of Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster is doable, Engie’s study says

The feasibility study was conducted by France’s Tractebel Engineering SA. The authors of the report concluded that the 1.2 GW solar park is feasible, despite the current radioactive contamination levels in the area.

Scatec Solar plans 25 MW solar park in central Ukraine

The Norwegian developer’s first solar project in the eastern European country is planned to help the region of Cherkasy reduce its energy shortage.


Kness Group secures financing for 33.9 MW of solar in Ukraine

The Ukraine-based developer has been granted two different loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Clean Technology Fund (CTF). The three solar plants will be located in the Vinnitsa region of western Ukraine.

Altostrata to develop 250 MW solar project in eastern Ukraine

The Irish developer is planning to invest €255 million in the project, which is expected to be located near the village of Levodka, in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Ukraine’s renewable energy outlook under the new electricity market design

Svitlana Teush, counsel at Redcliffe Partners law firm in Kyiv, Ukraine, discusses the country’s new electricity market design and what it means for renewables. Currently, she says, the renewable energy sector in Ukraine is an attractive investment prospect and has considerable potential for further growth in the coming years.


Ukraine added 211 MW of solar in 2017

The country’s cumulative installed solar power has reached 741 MW, while rooftop PV under net metering has topped 37 MW. Over 500 MW of new PV additions are expected in 2018.

EkoRE plans 15 MW solar plant in Ukraine

The Turkish EPC contractor is also planning to install rooftop PV systems on several public buildings of the city of Ochakiv, where the solar park may be located.

Construction underway on first PV array for Chernobyl

Project developer Rodina today announced that construction is underway on the first solar power plant to be built on land inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone.


Ukrainian government considering transition from FITs to auctions

The Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy believes that the transition to an auction scheme may be premature and recommends digressive FITs as a way to reduce burden on consumers.


France helps Ukraine launch 1.2 GW solar hub in Chernobyl

The French government will provide an unspecified sum to conduct the feasibility study for the giant PV project.