Air pollution contributing to 25% solar panel output reduction, study finds

Accumulation of airborne particles on solar panels may cut energy output by more than 25% in some parts of the world, shows a new study carried out by researchers of Duke University, in cooperation with colleagues at the Indian Institute of Technology-Gandhinagar and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

NASA tests new roll-out solar array in space

The space agency has successfully deployed its new roll out solar array in space for testing. The new panels are lighter and more flexible than the standard folded arrays on older satellites.

Bernreuter Research: Silicon consumption drops to 3.6 grams/W by 2020

The use of diamond wire significantly reduces wafer saw losses. Some photovoltaic manufacturers have begun to switch their production, after technical problems appear to have been resolved.

BNEF: Coal to fade as cost of renewables falls even faster

The latest long-term forecast from analysts Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) predicts solar energy costs to drop a further 66% by 2040, and onshore wind by 47%. Given these predictions, BNEF expect that renewables will undercut the majority of fossil based generation by 2030, even in India and China.

Nagorno-Karabakh wants to go solar

The government of the disputed region in South Caucasus, which is officially known as the Republic of Artsakh, announced it will conduct a study to assess its solar potential.

Global Solar Council elects new CEO Jodie Roussell

Currently serving as Head of Public Affairs for Trina Solar in Europe, Africa & Latin America, Jodie Roussell is now expected to assume the role of the Global Solar Council CEO.

pv magazine at Intersolar Europe: Trade disputes the norm in global PV

With Solarworld’s recent insolvency announcement, questions regarding the potential for trade disputes to affect the global solar industry have once again been brought to the fore. At Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich, pv magazine spoke with Benjamin Attia of GTM Research about the organization’s latest research into this broad reaching topic.

Solar leads the way in record-breaking renewable capacity additions, REN21 report says

With 161 GW installed, last year was a record 12 months for global renewable additions, finds the annual overview of the state of renewable energy drafted by REN21. Solar PV accounted for around 47% of the capacity added.

Wanted: Investor for the entire SolarWorld Group

Solarworld claims that the business has been stabilized, and first customers have been supplied again. It was also announced that Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Georg Hansen, will resign in June.

BREAKING: Trump abandons Paris Agreement

Though the decision may not affect solar in the short term, it sends a message that President Trump doesn’t think Climate Change is a threat – and the rest of the world will have to go it alone.