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BIPV facade

Assessing potential of facade PV modules

A new building at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) is being covered with facade CGIS solar panels provided by German manufacturer Avancis. A research team will analyze their performance and special features, including new sensors for incident radiation and heat.


CdTe facade solar panel with 18.2% efficiency

New cadmium telluride solar panels are now available for applications on tall buildings in urban environments. Their efficiency ranges from 15.3% to 18.2%, with 110 W to 450 W of power output.


How much vertical BIPV is too much?

A French-Italian research group has shown that BIPV facades on buildings can cause a ‘darkening’ effect by reducing light reflectance on nearby installations, dragging down energy production by 11%. The ‘urban heat island effect’ can also weigh on PV system performance, the researchers said.


New PV system for facades, windows in Japan

Japan’s Kaneka and Taisei have designed their T-Green Multi Solar system to be integrated into walls and window surfaces. The system is available in two different versions – a solid type in which PV laminates are turned into vertical exterior panels or walls, and a variant that achieves transparency through striped solar cells that are integrated into window glass.


Colored PV module performance is underestimated

In a recent conversation with pv magazine Roland Valckenborg, business developer and project manager at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), has described the results of a multi-year testing program for colored BIPV modules. Just a few years ago, it it was thought that power yield could be up to 50% lower than conventional panels, but tests have shown a difference of just 10%. Valckenborg says that losses can vary depending on the color of a panel.


German scientists develop solar facade with 50% higher yield

The three-meter prototype consists of nine panels based on an aluminum compound. The PV elements of the facade can be tilted to capture more sunlight.


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