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Talking solar, energy storage, and inverter trends

Currently producing 10 GW of annual capacity, inverter manufacturer KSTAR says it plans to expand to 15 GW by the end of this year and hopes to double capacity to 30 GW in 2021 after bringing new products to the market. KSTAR vice president, Mr. Ye, talks about solar, storage, and inverters.


Kstar unveils 1,100 V string inverters

The Chinese manufacturer has designed the new products for the C&I solar segment. They are available in two versions, with 121 kW and 150 kW of AC output and efficiency ratings ranging from 98.7% to 99.0%.

Kstar launches 1,500 V string inverter

The transformer-free 250 kW product offers a reported efficiency of 99%, providing a European rating of 98.5%.

Kstar launches new inverter series for rooftop arrays

The transformer-free products have a power range of 3-6 kW and efficiency of 97.8%. The Chinese manufacturer says the devices are designed to accurately match the voltage and phase of the grid sine wave AC waveform.