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pumped hydro storage

Australia adds 9.6 GWh pumped hydro project to pipeline

The pipeline of pumped hydro storage projects in the Australian state of Queensland continues to grow, with Victoria-based renewables company BE Power announcing plans to develop an 800 MW/9.6 GWh project at Mount Alma near Gladstone.

State Grid commissions 1.4 GW of pumped hydro storage in China

State Grid Corp. of China says it has finalized a pumped-hydro storage project consisting of four reversible pump-turbine generator units, each with a capacity of 350 MW. It is located near Xiamen, in China’s Fujian province.

Nova Scotia gold mine could host PV-plus-pumped hydro storage energy hub

A new partnership will investigate the viability of colocating a closed-loop pumped hydro energy storage facility with solar PV at the site of a former gold mine in Moose River in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Atlantic Mining, owner of the mine, and Natural Forces, a renewables company with 300 MW of operational capacity in Canada, are optimistic the project will be feasible.

Colbún proposes 800 MW desalinated water-powered pumped storage project in Chile

Chilean utility Colbún has unveiled plans for a massive pumped storage hydropower project in northern Chile. The facility will use desalinated water from the Pacific Ocean to store energy and use it when it’s most needed.

Australian miner pushes ahead with 20 GWh pumped hydro project

Evolution Mining is moving forward on a AUD 7 billion ($4.64 billion) plan to build a 2 GW/20 GWh pumped hydro electricity generation facility in the pit of a 20-year-old gold mine in Australia.

Integrating pumped hydro with compressed air energy storage

A group of Chinese researchers has made a first attempt to integrate pumped hydro with compressed air storage and has found the latter may help the former to better deal with large head variations.


Australian water storage facility may turn into 1 GW pumped hydro station

Zen Energy has secured approval from Australia’s WaterNSW to investigate how to transform Sydney’s biggest water storage facility into a 1 GW pumped hydro project capable of supplying on-demand power for up to eight hours.


NREL releases online tool to estimate pumped hydro storage costs

The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released a cost-estimation tool for new closed-loop pumped storage hydropower (PSH) plants in the United States. The tool allows operators to select from a range of system characteristics and account for factors such as local geology, labor rates and inflation.


Indian state tenders 1 GW of pumped storage, 5 GW of solar power

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (MSEDCL) has started accepting bids to provide 1,000 MW/8,000 MWh of grid-connected energy storage capacity from pumped hydro storage throughout India.

Global atlas for pumped hydro at mining sites

The researchers that created the atlas considered mining pits, pit lakes and tailings ponds within mining sites and located nearby reservoirs. The selected sites have a potential storage capacity of 30 TWh.