Cutting expenditure at the cost of investment returns? The real value of durable materials and components in optimizing solar’s LCOE.

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Discussion participants

Lucie Garreau, Technical Regional Leader, EMEA, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions
Olivier Haldi, Global Business Development Photovoltaics and Alternative Energies, Stäubli Electrical Connectors
Andrea Viaro, Head of Technical Service Europe, JinkoSolar


Jonathan Gifford, Managing editor, pv magazine
Michael Fuhs, Editor in chief, pv magazine Germany

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Presentation of Andrea Viaro
Presentation of Lucie Garreau
Presentation of Olivier Haldi

Webinar Details

Quality 3.0: Three PV industry leaders join forces to take quality assurance to the next level. Having worked with all three on quality issues in the past, pv magazine now brings together JinkoSolar, DuPont and Stäubli to discuss quality assurances that goes well beyond simple “marketing speak”.

It’s not a new story: Cost pressures are pinching the purse and prices are dropping. To turn a profit, you have to cut down. As always, the bottom line is: ‘How much return can I expect on my investment?’ This is no different for solar PV players, who are not only competing in an increasingly cutthroat marketplace, but who are also up against the (heavily subsidized) fossil fuel industry. Consequently, the primary focus for project developers and EPC contractors is, often, cost per watt peak. Keep that down, and the asset owners and investors will be happy.

Until something goes wrong, that is.

This upcoming webinar will discuss what measures can be taken to protect solar asset owners’ investments. From components to modules, JinkoSolar, DuPont and Stäubli will present evidence showing how durable materials can help lower the overall levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of solar systems; and how high quality standards in manufacturing can boost the longevity and reliability of solar modules.

Discussion points

  • How the quality of components and products, and the correct handling and installation of projects, helps improve LCOE
  • Thinking in terms of EUR/kWh rather than EUR/Wp
  • The potential impact of certain failure modes of, and enhanced degradation on, PV module performance and LCOE
  • IEC certification and how it is not designed to predict the long-term performance of modules
  • Why backsheet choice is relevant to LCOE
  • Why PV connectors/cabling are systematically relevant
  • How to select the right materials to ensure investment returns, from a module manufacturer’s perspective

Questions can be submitted beforehand, at the registration, or during the webinar through a chat window. Becky Beetz, Head of Content, pv magazine, will host the webinar. We look forward to your participation!