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Durability matters – Maximizing Lifetime, minimizing LCOE in PV modules

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The value of durable materials in maximizing your investment in solar energy
pv magazine webinar, in partnership with Dow – photovoltaics division


Discussion participants

Dr. Brian Habersberger, R&D Focal Point, PV Encapsulants and Backsheet, DOW Chemical
Jon Previtali, Wells Fargo


Jonathan Giffort, Editor at large

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Presentation of Brian Habersberger
Presentation of Jon Previtali

Market forces and government policies continue to drive down the levelized cost of energy for PV. Though often overlooked, the longevity and durability of module performance, determined by the materials of construction, plays a key role in the LCOE of a solar project. In this pv magazine webinar, in partnership with Dow, we will discuss quantifying the value of investments in durable materials. Additionally, we will review the mechanisms of performance degradation that can be mitigated by durable encapsulant materials, such as polyolefin elastomers.

Webinar structure:

  1. Market evolution: from cost/kWp on construction to kWh over the duration of a plant
  2. An investigation of module durability in kWh production over time. Module failures/degradation examples and causes.
  3. Dow presentation on module failures, role of materials, polyolefin elastomer by Brian Habersberger.

Dr. Brian Habersberger is the R&D Focal Point for PV encapsulants and backsheet materials within Dow. He is responsible for managing technical projects in product innovation, laboratory capabilities, and quality, as well as interfacing with the PV technical community and external technical collaborations.

A special guest, to be announced soon, will provide a perspective from a vantage point not often heard from: a major bank. Stay in touch for more details.

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Jonathan Gifford will be the host of the webinar. We look forward to your participation!

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