Solar design for new construction: Opportunities and challenges

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Discussion participants

Cara LoPiano, Sales Representative, Aurora Solar
Gwen Brown, Content Marketer, Aurora Solar


Christian Roselund, Senior Editor, pv magazine

Webinar Details

As a new market emerges due to the growing demand for solar on new buildings, contractors and installers need new design and sales processes to effectively serve this sector. This webinar, in partnership with Aurora Solar, will showcase how contractors can overcome the challenges of designing PV systems for new residential and commercial buildings.

Policy changes across the United States are driving demand for solar on new construction. California’s Title 24, which mandates solar installations on all new homes starting in 2020, is expected to increase solar demand in the state by more than 800 MW from 2020-2023, according to market analytics firm Wood Mackenzie. Beyond California, cities from Arizona to Massachusetts are taking similar steps.

This exciting opportunity for the solar industry also presents a challenge for solar installers whose sales and business processes are focused on retrofitting PV systems on existing buildings. To serve this burgeoning market and capture resulting growth opportunities, contractors need scalable yet tailored tools for designing solar for new construction.

In this new webinar, Cara LoPiano and Gwen Brown of Aurora Solar will explore how designers and contractors can design solar installations for new buildings.

The presentation will highlight solutions to the critical differences in the solar design process for new construction compared to existing buildings. These include:

  • How to determine the best location for solar panels and the number that will fit on a roof when traditional approaches based on on-site measurement or measurements from satellite imagery are not an option
  • How to assess shading and solar access values for new buildings
  • How to estimate building energy consumption to determine the appropriate PV system size without historical data
  • Options for salespeople to visually showcase what the future building will look like with their solar design, in a way that is compelling for the buyer


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Discussion Participants:

Cara LoPianoCara LoPiano, Sales Representative

Cara LoPiano is a Sales Consultant at Aurora Solar where she partners with small and medium solar contractors around the world to improve their design and sales performance leveraging the Aurora engine. Cara has previously presented on solar design in Spanish at the Green Expo in Mexico City. Cara has a B.S. in Environmental Science, University of Chicago.


Gwen BrownGwen Brown, Content Marketer

Gwen Brown is the Content Marketer at Aurora Solar, where she develops educational materials for solar industry professionals including articles, webinars, and white papers. Gwen was a Senior Research Associate at the Environmental Law Institute, a Fellow with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Gettysburg College and is passionate about advancing the growth of solar energy.