Sri Lanka sees its first net metered PV installation


Mr. Gayan Namantha, manager of Nikini’s solar division, told pv magazine the 25.2 kilowatt roof-mounted project is comprised of 150 solar PV panels, which provide enough electricity to power Nikini’s head offices. The building’s air conditioning system is also connected to the installation. Excess energy is then fed into the grid under a net metering agreement established between the company and the Ceylon Electricity Board. “The entire installation,” said the company, “was carried out by Nikini engineers who were trained in Germany for PV power.”

In a statement, the company explained: “The PV power plant is a first of its kind in Sri Lanka while being connected to the grid as well as the air conditioner system in the building … Being 25.2 kW in capacity and being 3 phase it is one of the monumental achievements in history in Sri Lanka, a prime hot spot for solar PV power.”

The company also urged Sri Lankan businesses, which are concerned with adopting environmental best practices, to incorporate PV into their activities. It stated: “Solar PV and other renewable energy technologies could save us energy as well as produce better environment well being for all of us. It is high time [businesses] in Sri Lanka (…) who adopt environmental best practices of solar PV took an interest in solar PV as way of green marking their corporate endeavors.”