USIBC solar task force formed


Comprised of private-sector companies, the task force – a subcommittee of USIBC’s Energy, Environment, Enterprise (EEE) Executive Committee, which includes over 100 members – has been established to help the U.S. export solar technologies. At the same time, India’s goal of reducing its dependence on imported coal and fossil fuels through the use of solar energy will be furthered.

“The aim of the USIBC solar task force is to ensure robust cooperation – both financial and technological – between American and Indian firms participating in this vital sector, and to promote an enabling environment that will spur the application of efficient, clean solar-powered energy throughout India and the globe,” said USIBC president, Ron Somers.

The USIBC said it was optimistic about the possibilities for bilateral investment and technology transfer, but emphasized that India’s growing solar industry must be open to competition, in order to be commercially viable.

In November 2009, the Government of India and the U.S. Government pledged to intensify collaboration on energy security, clean energy and climate change, by focusing efforts on increasing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean energy technologies.

Bryan Ashley, chief marketing officer of Suniva will chair the task force, and Aparna Doshi, chief operating officer of Astonfield, will co-chair.