Solar jobs in the U.S on the rise


The Solar Foundation, a non-profit organization has released a report that the total number of workers in the sector, which stands at approximately 93,000 currently in the U.S, is set to grow. More than half the companies that Solar Foundation spoke with have stated that they plan to add jobs in the next year. The 2,400 solar power manufacturers, installers and other providers have stated in a survey conducted by the organisation that they expect to see an addition of 26 percent by August 2011 to their workforce.

The foundation’s acting executive director, Andrea Luecke, is quoted as saying, "By examining the data from thousands of companies along the entire supply-chain, the study shows that the solar industry is having a substantial and positive impact on the U.S. economy."

The Solar Foundation’s previous records show that as of August 2010, the National Solar Jobs census showed that there were more than 16,700 solar websites focusing on jobs and opporunities and 93,000 solar positions in the U.S.

The survey was conducted by Solar Foundation and Green LMI Consulting with aid from Cornell University.