25th solar array donation in Texas


The US$70,000 funding for the 28.8 kilowatt solar power system at the da Vinci campus is registered under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program or LEED. Green Mountain raised the funding via its Big Texas Sun Club and it is the 25th solar project under the Big Texas Sun Club. The da Vinci School will help reduce the school’s energy use and carbon footprint as well as save the school money. The system is expected to produce approximately 40,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. This represents approximately 22 percent of the school’s projected energy needs, and is expected to save the school as much as US$250,000 in electricity costs over 30 years.

The Big Texas Sun Club is a program under which Green Mountain’s customers can choose to support a solar energy development and education project in Texas by contributing an additional US$5 on their monthly Green Mountain Energy electricity bill. In addition to this project, the club is now responsible for installing almost 252KW of new solar capacity in Texas for the last eight years.