Wipro develops new hardware


Wipro has stated that its hardware is especially developed to improve power generation by as much as 20 percent in solar plants. The hardware, developed by a team of 40 people, picks up critical data from panels and inverters that are in a solar plant and dynamically models this data to improve power generation.

Wipro has released a statement that it is guranteeing a power generation increase between eight and 20 percent. “It is a box that sits in a customer’s location and picks up the data for modeling. Both the hardware and software have been developed by us,” said president of Wipro’s eco-energy business TK Kurien.

The company has also stated that it has already gotten two orders and will be selling the product on a licensing model. Trials are being made in India with the hardware. The global sales will be announced in about six months accoring to Kurien.