Solon SE sells Swiss subsidiary


This change has been set into place immediately. Solon Inverters that was founded in 1992, has been a member of the Solon Group for ten years. The sinewave inverters developer is based in Uznach in Switzerland. The company’s revenue hit €2.3 million last year according to reports.

The strategy pursued by the Solon Group, which specializes in developing and manufacturing solar modules and developing large-scale power plants, has recently been focusing much less on business in inverters for stand-alone installations. The sale of Solon Inverters therefore constitutes a further stage of the restructuring program launched last year, which is intended to help optimize the Solon Group’s cost structures and place a sharp focus on its core competencies and key markets.

Stefan Säuberlich, CEO of Solon SE stated, "Solon Inverters possesses a team of outstandingly skilled, highly experienced specialists in the field of inverter technology. We are delighted that, in the Delta Electronics Group, the company has found a new owner whose support and direction will open up new opportunities for its workforce and for taking its business forward".