BP Solar transfers off-grid activities to Phaesun


As a result, Phaesun, based in Memmingen, will lead Apex-BP Solar’s off-grid systems department as a new branch, under the name Phaesun France SAS. According to a statement released, the move means that Phaesun can combine its core competencies in the area of photovoltaics (PV) and wind energy, with BP Solar’s expertise in pumping systems and telecommunication systems.

The new branch will focus on off-grid solutions for PV, telecommunications, and the oil and gas sectors in Africa and the Middle East.

Managing director of Phaesun France SAS is the former head of the Off-Grid department of Apex BP Solar, Michel Mansard. His team consists of seven team members, all of whom are former employees of his former Off-Grid department. "Phaesun is creating a unique off-grid dedicated structure with worldwide distribution and project capabilities", he explained. "The foundation of Phaesun France SAS offers new possibilities to both companies. BP Solar keeps a fully operational access to its quality products for tomorrow’s solar energy markets."??

Tobias Zwirner, CEO of Phaesun added: "The know-how transfer is enormous. The team of Phaesun France consists of absolute experts in the field of industrial Off-Grid-projects in the oil and gas industry and in the telecommunication sector. In combination with our expertise in the field of sales, logistics and supply chain management, new synergies will be created. With Phaesun France SAS, we have created a unique company in the PV-Off-Grid sector with 30 years of expertise which will set industry standards for the future."