Austria sets 2011 PV tariffs


The three governmental ministers responsible – Economics Minister, Reinhold Mitterlehner, Environment Secretary Niki Berlakovich and Social Minister Rudolf Hundstorfer – signed off on the changes.

As such, building-integrated PV installations ranging from five to 20 kilowatts peak (kWp) will receive a rate of 38 euro cents per kW hour for electricity generated, while projects over 20 kWp will be paid 33 euro cents per kW hour. Meanwhile, ground mounted PV systems between five and 20 kWp can expected to be paid 35 euro cents per kW hour, and installations over 20 kWp will receive a tariff of 25 euro cents per kW hour.

And, despite earlier reports that the current Green Electricity Act, which allows for an annual amount of €2.1 million for PV technology, had reached its limit until 2019, new information now states that this limit has increased to 2023. Therefore, anyone who applies today for tariff subsidies for a PV plant will have to wait until then to receive support.

It has, however, been said that a new renewable energy act will be brought in this year.