Solar Junction hits 43.5 percent CPV cell efficiency


The efficiency, which has been described as record breaking, has been confirmed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Measurement and Characterization Laboratory.

Solar Junction says that the 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm production cell tops the current record by 1.2 percent. Furthermore, the cell reportedly measured a peak efficiency of 43.5 percent at greater than 400 suns, and still maintained an efficiency as high as 43 percent out to 1,000 suns.

In February, the concentrated photovoltaic company made the shortlist of finalists selected for post-selection due diligence within the DOE Loan Guarantee Program.

It plans to build a 250 megawatt manufacturing facility at its headquarters in San Jose, California, and ship commercial cells within the year.

"There’s no question that we’ve been on a nine-month tear,” stated Jim Weldon, CEO of Solar Junction.

“We’ve delivered on milestone after milestone and attribute this to our superior performing technology platform, driven by our dedicated, hard-charging technical team, supported by our integrated in-house manufacturing line that has enabled, and will continue to enable, multiple iterations of product improvement on an accelerated timeline. With A-SLAM, we have a highly extensible technology that is actually delivering a clear and continued path to higher efficiencies in both the short and long term. That bodes well for CPV.”