Reuters: Germany will not cut FITS on July 1


The next feed-in tariff cuts should come into play in Germany on July 1. However, due to weakened demand following numerous political discussions over the feed-in tariffs (FITs), and because of the pull forward effects from systems which were installed preemptively last year, less than one GW has been added to the grid between March and May, says Reuters. Consequently, further cuts will not be implemented.

The new photovoltaic systems, which are installed between March and May, will set the projections for the whole year. If the projected newly installed capacity had been over 3.5 GW, then the flexible part of the annual gradual decrease would have come into play on July 1, consequently decreasing the FITs by up to 15 percent.

Until now, Germany’s grid operator (Bundesnetzagentur) has only officially published the photovoltaic installation figures for January and February.

Meanwhile, there are demands from the business arm of the Union for a market restriction. Such politicians as Joachim Pfeiffer, Michael Fuchs and Thomas Bareiß from the CDU are calling for a ceiling to be placed on Germany’s photovoltaic market.

The first two have even written a letter to the Union boss calling for an annual one GW cap to be implemented. The Greens have come out and said they are against this proposal.