Singulus supplies Avancis fab


The new fab will have a capacity of 100 megawatt (MW) when complete and will produce copper indium selenide-based (CIS) photovoltaic modules. Avancis claims that it has recently achieved a record efficiency of 15.8 percent in the laboratory, on a 30cm by 30cm module.

Singulus announced today that it supplied three selenization machines for Avancis’ CIS production.

Avancis spokesman Hendrik Feige told pv magazine that most of the equipment in the Avancis fab has been specially developed for the company. "We’re not talking about a turn-key solution here!" Fiege continued that the company hopes to ramp-up production within the second half of 2012.

The thin-film manufacturer, based in Torgau – in Germany’s east – expect to have TÜV certification for its modules completed by April 2012, however "certification pending" modules will be available for sale as of January.